Plans Underway for Battle of the Blocks Sept. 30th

Michael DeLeers, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Every year during Notre Dame Academy’s Fall Fest Week, students and staff alike look forward to a single event: Battle of the Blocks.

Friday, Sept. 30, is the date for this year’s Battle of the Blocks.

“BOTB can be described as an amalgam of a variety show, a reality show and a dance production,” remarked Frau Laaksonen, German teacher, Student Government moderator and BOTB coordinator.

Her wacky description does not sell the show short, as BOTB has been a dynamic end to Notre Dame’s Fall Fest Week ever since its conception in 2014.  The auditorium show features a choreographed dance production and an extensive game show–a battle of creativity, wits and skill.

The surprising thing about BOTB is the show is “100 percent student run,” said Frau Laaksonen. This gives a lot of responsibility to the student body, such as creating scripts, technical support (lights and music) and dance choreography.

Many seniors, such as Danny Stewart, accept the responsibility and run with it. Entering his fourth year, Stewart describes BOTB as “surreal and very exciting” and is most anxious to “work with his close friends” for his final year of BOTB.

As the classes have come and gone, the show has constantly evolved from “playing a VHS tape and using fluorescent lights on the stage” to now “making the show into a theatre production with a backstage and tech crew,” said Frau.

The development of the show correlates directly with the technology and skill of the student body. Therefore, the more students who get involved with BOTB, the greater the show.

Along with offering an exciting end to Fall Fest Week, BOTB also attempts to raise awareness for a local fundraiser.

Senora Dory, Spanish teacher, Outreach Branch moderator and BOTB coordinator, added that “Battle of the Blocks is a celebration for our school as well as our local community.”

Highlighting Notre Dame’s dedication to service, BOTB and Fall Fest Week activities will include plans to give back to the community. Although the local community project is a yearly occurrence, Frau Laaksonen and Sra. Dory did not give any specific details about the local fundraiser this year except for “hashtag gb 2 gb.”