Wisconsin Education Fair at NDA Thursday, Friday


Clare Ravizza , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On Thursday, September 15 and Friday, September 16, the Wisconsin Education Fair (WEF) will be held here at Notre Dame Academy. The WEF, featuring representatives from over 100 colleges and universities and the military across the U.S., is typically held at St. Norbert College (SNC), but will be held in NDA’s own Triton Center due to construction at SNC’s athletic facility.

Participants in the WEF include institutions such as all UW state universities, independent colleges and universities and technical colleges.The WEF states that out-of-state colleges and universities will also be represented, in addition to military service organizations, trade schools and community colleges.


The WEF was founded in 1978 “with the goals of coordinating and improving the flow of information about post-secondary educational opportunities to high school students in Wisconsin,” according to the WEF mission statement.

“Students and parents will learn about college admission requirements, financial aid, scholarships, academic programs and much more,” explained Dr. John Ravizza, NDA principal.

NDA students, as well as students from at least seven public schools in the area, will be in attendance on Thursday night. There will also be a sanctioned time for junior and senior NDA students to visit the fair during classes on Friday.


Before attending the WEF, NDA students will register in their Theology classes. This registration will provide each student with an individual barcode. Students will then be able to give their barcode to college representatives in order to receive additional information from that particular institution.

“Don’t be afraid or intimidated by college reps. Be frank with them. Be upfront. Ask about scholarships and grants,” recommends Mrs. Becky Bain, NDA’s college counselor.

“We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to host the WEF here at NDA,” said Ravizza. “I hope that our students take full advantage of it.”