Study Tables Set for Saturday, December 17

Carly Noble, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Christmas is in the air at Notre Dame Academy; however, that means so are final exams.

Students should not fear, though, because study tables are back to help students prepare for their tests.

Study tables will be held on Saturday, December 17, from 12-3 at school.

As a supportive learning community, Notre Dame lives out the in communio statement by providing an atmosphere for students to exchange ideas, information and resources.

Study tables started at Notre Dame many years ago simply by the principal opening the library on week nights during exam time.

Last fall, Dr.Ravizza had the idea to start them up again, and with the help of English teacher Ms.Michele Mahlock, the first study table opportunity available for students was in December of 2015.

Well over 100 (about 15%) of students attended the study tables last year, but with only one semester of study tables to consider, it is uncertain whether students achieve more by attending them.

“Maybe more important than that benefit is the shared focus that we put on academics and careful preparation for our exams,” Mahlock said.

With that being said, study table time and space is devoted strictly to studying which help students focus.

A few things to consider when attending study tables are cell phones are not permitted, bringing all materials to study is helpful, tutors are available, groups are encouraged, the library is open for quiet study and the commons is available for a larger group study.

This year a number of teachers have already committed to attending study tables such as Mr.Stary, Mrs.Nelson, Mrs.Hollenback, Ms.Rykal, Mr. Gray, Dr.Ravizza and Ms.Mahlock.

Mahlock anticipates that other teachers will attend and they will keep students informed about study tables in the announcements.

With the opportunity of using teachers as resources, many students take advantage of the group studying and individual help offered at study tables.

Senior Isabel Canadeo said, “I really do think it’s beneficial to be able to sit down with the teacher and ask the specific questions that I have for that certain class.”