2018 Art & Adoration Trip to Italy: “Trip of a Lifetime”

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy is known for its beloved French trip taken with Madame each year, but recently there have been announcements of a new trip in 2018 which has the potential to be just as popular.

The “Art and Adoration” Italy trip is advertised as an opportunity to travel the world, learn about new cultures and tour historic locations.

Art teacher Barb Brandtner and theology teacher Katie Stanczak planned the June 2018 trip and will accompany the students going.

“Mrs. Brandtner and I wanted to meld our interests and professional expertise on art, history and theology to share a wonderful opportunity of visiting the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome and Florence with the students,” explained Stanczak.

The trip will also include Pisa, Pompeii and Assisi.

“This is a trip of a lifetime,” said Brandtner. “We will spend a day at Vatican City which includes the weekly papal audience, Vatican galleries and the Scavi tour of the Tomb of St. Peter. We will also be attending a cooking class and drawing class.”

The cost will fluctuate based on enrollment, but it includes two meals, lodging and museum tickets, as well as the cost of travel.

Currently, just under 20 students are enrolled, but if students join before March 30 the cost will not increase.

Stanczak urges students to get information on the trip.

“The journey provides a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful heritage and history of one of the most influential regions of the world,” she said.