Tritonfest 2018 To Be Held on Campus in February

Fritz Sehring, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Just as it was last year, Tritonfest will be held on campus in the main gym. The date is February 17, 2018.

Last year’s Tritonfest, shifted from the Lambeau Field atrium, was so successful that about 460 people attended and $304,000 was raised, a 20% increase compared to the previous year.

The goal this year is to reach $300,000.

“The money from Tritonfest is used to help pay staff, maintain building and classroom maintenance and help lower tuition cost,” said Geno McKenna, the coordinator of the fundraiser.

McKenna, Director of Events and Alumni Relations, has two chairs, Amy Sehring and Patti Meyer, helping him plan the event.

“We work together to develop a team to organize the event and make it successful. One of our biggest responsibilities is obtaining sponsorships for the event,” said Sehring.

McKenna also has a committee of parent volunteers as well as a group of Notre Dame staff members that help out.

“This will be my third Tritonfest. I’ve been through two,” said McKenna.

Tritonfest began the same year that Notre Dame was founded. There were events for the schools that made up Notre Dame.  Premontre and Abbot Pennings  already had fundraisers in place. When the school was founded, it was only natural to have an annual fundraiser.

One of the fundraising elements of the evening is Fund the Future. Fund the Future helps lower the tuition for every student. In addition, Fund the Future has been able to lower the tuition from $11,000 a year to $6,000 a year. One of the main goals of Tritonfest is to raise money for scholarships for students who cannot afford to attend Notre Dame on their own.

The attendance each year consists of many parents, alumni, community members, faculty and staff. Adults are not the only ones who attend. Over 100 students are involved with Tritonfest this year.

“Everything from setup, to working the night of the event,” said McKenna in explaining the students’ roles.. Musicians and singers also perform at the event.

Features of the evening include dinner, student entertainment, raffles, live and silent auctions and time for reconnecting with the many supporters of Notre Dame Academy.