Give-a-Gift Campaign: NDA’s Helping Hand to Local Families

Cashay Lewis, Staff Writer, Journalism I

For ten years Student Government has been conducting the annual Give-a-Gift campaign at Christmas.  For five years IT Director Gina Fredrick has been the Student Government adviser in charge.

Families picked up the wrapped presents Tuesday and Wednesday in the Atrium.

“If transportation is difficult, then we deliver to a local school or to a distributor, like a school taxi,” Fredrick said.  Sometimes she has had to drop them off herself.

The most touching experience Fredrick had was when a gift was requested from a 6- year-old boy who wanted a bicycle because his old bike was stolen.

Gifts collected through homerooms and individuals here at school are generally in the $25 range.

“The faculty and staff put their money together to buy this little boy a brand new bike, helmet and bike lock,” Fredrick said.

The mother was thrilled to see the new bike and explained that she had fallen on difficult financial times.

“It was the best experience, and I’ll never forget that pick up,” Fredrick said.  “It’s really rewarding to give gifts to those who may not be able to purchase them on their own.”

She sees the project as a helping hand to families.

So far Fedrick and Student Government have not had any companies donate to NDA. “This is all funded through our students, staff, and faculty,” explained the coordinator.  

“We couldn’t do this as a club by ourselves,” she emphasized.