Student of Week Award: New Tradition at NDA


Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Student of the Week award is a new addition to the many already existing Notre Dame Academy traditions.

This award is a way to “recognize NDA students who stand out in serving others, contributing to the common good, and behaving and making choices that God calls them to do,” said President Kevin Shaw.

This award is a way to make a meaningful and lasting effect on the students who receive it and show them just how amazing they are.

“First I was shocked and confused, and then I felt very honored that from the many great students at NDA I was chosen,” said senior Cole Cullen, the first student to receive the award.

The students find out that they will be receiving this award on the Tuesday of the week of their honoring. The students feel that this award is a good way of showcasing the students that genuinely care about others.

The students who receive this award are nominated by a teacher or staff member that notices them doing extraordinary things in the classroom or around school.

​Students who pursue our Vision for Student Learning–Seeking  Knowledge​, Exercising Reason, Living the Gospel and Acting In Communio–are qualified for consideration,” said Shaw.

“The recipients are typically students the teacher thinks has gone above and beyond in academics or their school community,” said Rachel Stover, another recipient of the award.

With this award students receive a Triton of the Week award certificate and get a photo in front of the stained glass window in the Chapel.

This award is an honor for every student who receives it.  As senior Jack Halama said, “It would be an honor to receive the Triton of the Week award.”