Top Ten Seniors Announced at Academic Honors Ceremony


Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA students and parents gathered in the Rev. Guy E. Guyon Auditorium Monday night for the 2018 Academic Honors Ceremony.

The ceremony began with a brief introduction from Principal Patrick Browne, who stressed the importance of parental support in the lives of academically-achieving students. He also praised the soon-to-be recognized students for their efforts and commitment to using their talents wisely in order to “build up the Body of Christ.”  

Browne also called NDA students to remember, especially when so many girls around the globe lack access to education, that they have been “blessed with the gift of education.”

Student Body President Grant Noble then led the group in prayer.

Following prayer, Associate Principal Greg Masarik presented the academic awards–Honors and High Honors–for each grade. Students receive an award for the highest GPA they achieved during the 2017 calendar year.

Mr. Browne also recognized the Top Ten Seniors from the Class of 2018. The students were announced as follows: Emily Agen – Ten; Janine Moreno – Nine; Katherine Coyle – Eight; Lauren Welker – Seven; Marion Hermitanio – Six; Sam Frantz – Five; Molly Gallagher – Four; and Zachary Jerzyk – Three. Madison Polack was announced as Salutatorian, and Kathryn Stumpf earned the spot of Valedictorian.

Senior IB Diploma Candidates John Allen, Anastasia Brada, Delaney Butterfield, Jennifer Cluckey, James Fitzwater, Sam Frantz, Andrew Gruesen, Conor Hogan, Zachary Jerzyk, Charles Lemkuil, Josey McClain, Janine Moreno, Madison Polack, Clare Ravizza, Kathryn Stumpf, Ryan Zasuly and Grace Zellner were also recognized and welcomed to the stage.

The ceremony concluded with a final blessing from President Kevin Shaw and a reception in the Commons.

“People receive accolades and attention for sports achievements all the time, but it isn’t as often that academic successes are publicly celebrated,” said Valedictorian Kate Stumpf of the event. “Just like a sports banquet, academic awards are a good way to recognize the hard work of all students.”