Meet Mr. Konshak: Math Teacher & Organizer of Pancake Run/Walk

Meet Mr. Konshak:  Math Teacher & Organizer of Pancake Run/Walk

James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Mr. Konshak is a math teacher at NDA who teaches multiple math classes. Although Mr. Konshak is a math teacher now, he was not so sure about this career path earlier in his life.

Mr. Konshak grew up right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and attended Green Bay West High School. Mr. Konshak was very active in his high school community. He participated in football, track, band, mock trial and the army national guard cadet program. From there, he continued on to college, stating, “At first I was not sure what I wanted to do, but knew I needed to attend school.”

To keep costs low, Mr. Konshak attended NWTC for one year, while deciding what major best suited him. After his first year, he transferred to UW-Green Bay to become a pharmacist. After running into some hiccups along the way, Mr. Konshak decided to switch his major to mathematics and his minor to education in order to become a teacher.

Alongside his teaching, Mr. Konshak has other hobbies outside of school. In his leisure time, he enjoys building things out of pallet wood and scrap materials.

Mr. Konshak’s family consists of his wife, Angela; two daughters Ava and Olivia; his son Lev; a dog named Dash and two cats named Lucky and Mittens.

When asked what his favorite part about working at NDA is, the math teacher and homeroom enthusiast, said,  “Students who generally care about school and others.”

On April 23rd of this year, Mr. Konshak, along with Mr. Cassidy McGowan in Student Services, will host the Pancake Run/Walk, a special event during Spring Week.

Originally, the two men wanted to organize an event for Pi Day (March 14), but NDA was on spring break during that time. After realizing the Pi Day event was unrealistic, Mr. Konshak and Mr. McGowan decided to have another Pancake Run/Walk after spring break.

Last year’s initial Run/Walk drew 100 participants, and Mr. Konshak hopes to bring in 200+ participants this year. With all proceeds going to support James Bosco’s needs as a blind student at NDA, he is seeking sponsors and already has eight sponsors confirmed.

The Pancake Run/Walk will commence April 23 at NDA’s track and field. According to the math teacher/organizer, the pancakes are delicious.