Ernst Named ‘Student of the Year’ by Green Bay Exchange Club

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The students of NDA are no strangers to the various accolades and awards given out by the city of Green Bay, and this year is no different. Our very own Hans Ernst was awarded with the “NDA Student of the Year Award” by the Green Bay Exchange Club.

According to their website, the Green Bay Exchange club is a “fellowship of philanthropic citizens whose mission it is to help prevent child abuse, recognize outstanding youth, encourage patriotism, and assist other worthwhile community projects,” and the club has chapters all around the US.

The “Student of the Year” award is presented to one student from every school in the area who is nominated by the teachers, faculty and administration. The award includes a plaque, cash prize and a ceremonial dinner with the other winning students and their administrators.

“It’s a really cool prize and I’m thankful to have been nominated!” shared Ernst, “I plan on going to Eau Claire and this helped with the scholarship process.”

For those students interested in the award, it is not purely about service but also being a standout student and leader in the judgement of faculty and staff.

Ernst acknowledged that although he did service through his years at the academy, it wasn’t, in his opinion, an excessive amount. The award was presented to him for his attitude and citizenship.