Another Successful De La Baie Fest


“I remember when we had to give away money to make sure kids stayed around for De la Baie Fest,” said former Student Government adviser Carolyn Brown.  “We’d issue everyone a ticket and then do drawings throughout the afternoon. You had to be present to choose an envelope with money.”

That has all changed.

The competitive spirit of NDA students has responded to a variety of opportunities to form teams, design a team shirt and compete in dodgeball and  basketball tournaments.

Add in the Chinese Club’s ping pong tournament, the Writers Union Teacher Kahoot games, improvisation from the Drama Club, the cake walk, the silent auction, school store sale, face painting and the food choices of the German Club, and it’s no wonder the commons, gyms and auditoriums are filled with students who choose not to go home after the noon dismissal of classes.

Principal Patrick Browne rescheduled an out-of-town conference to experience his first De la Baie Fest.

“Student Government leaders, along with all the staff volunteers, do a terrific job organizing this event,” he said.  “Although this is a busy time of year, it is so important we remember the importance of community.”

And, according to a Kahoot fact, Mr. Browne is the 8th of nine children in his family.