Will Templeton to Head Student Government Next Fall

Nate Smith , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Student Government is a big part of any school, but especially here at Notre Dame Academy.  Student Government is in charge of multiple events–from Academy Ball to the activities of Fall Fest and Spring Week.  

Newly elected student body president William Templeton served as the junior class president this year.  As a member of the Executive Board of Student Government, Templeton’s student government work included planning Fall Fest, pep assemblies, De La Baie Fest, Winterfest and Academy Ball.  He has also helped plan and do different things at Paul Pantry.

As student body president he will still do a lot of the same things that he did as the junior class president.  The major difference is instead of simply attending, listening and participating in the Executive Board meetings he now has to run them.  He can’t wait and is looking forward to the transition to the next school year.

Zach Kellner is another all-school officer for the upcoming school year.  Freshman and sophomore year he was a senator, and then as a junior he became the Representative or Ambassador to the Administration.  For next year he will be the Vice President of the Senate.

This will be his first elected position in Student Government.  The VP of Senate serves on the Executive Board. He is also responsible for running the Senate meetings and working with Senate adviser Sra. Dory. The Senate deals with policy issues that affect the student body as a whole.  The VP of Senate also helps the other members in the Executive board pick ambassadors to the staff, administration and Board of Education.

“This is different because I can help choose which issues to debate instead of just debating,” said Kellner.

Heading up the other arm of Student Government, the Outreach or Service Branch, is Elizabeth Schaupp, who recently distinguished herself by arranging for Trystan Willems to speak to the student body.  Mrs. Caitlin VandenWynngard is the adviser who works with the Outreach Branch. The focus of this arm of Student Government is service, and they are the ones responsible for multiple service projects, including Give-a-Gift at Christmas and the recent fundraising during Spring Week.  

Max Timmer was class president for both his freshman and sophomore year.  In the past he focused on bringing back school events and making them more fun for everyone.  Next year Max will be the Administrative Assistant or record-keeper for Executive Board meetings.