Why ‘Convocations’ in Schedule? To Build Community

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The dictionary defines “convocation” as the action of calling people together for a large formal assembly. This is exactly what Notre Dame Academy intends to do with the addition of “convocation” this school year.

“We didn’t really have a venue or an opportunity to come together as a community,” said Principal Patrick Browne.

One of the goals for the administration of NDA is to continue to adapt to our community and our nation. Convocation is part of that. “We wanted to adapt to other schools and improve,” said Associate Principal Greg Masarik.

Convocation will be replacing homeroom on Fridays and will serve as a chance for the school to come together. As for the status of homeroom, Mr. Masarik said, “You’ll still have it but not as many times.”

One of the main goals of convocation is to have a “chance to just have some fun as a school,” said Browne.

Some of the things students can expect during convocation is having fun activites, alumni returning and inspiring students, Triton of the Week honoring, and discussion of current events happening in our school.

A major goal for both Browne and Masarik is strengthening the community of NDA. Having convocation as an entire community of students and staff can do just that.

“Last year when I started I realized there was a lot of good things here at NDA, but we never got together as a community,” said Browne.