Student Government Works to Make NDA ‘Great’

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“I chose to be involved in Student Government because I wanted to be a part of something that could make NDA as great as it can be,” said Oliva Vanden Elzen,  Representative to the Administration for the Executive Board of Student Government.

Student Government is composed of the elected and appointed members that organize events and strive to improve the well being of the students and staff.

Student Government is made up of three branches with the Executive Board being the highest ranked because is is made up of mostly elected positions. The Executive Board manages most of the activities that go on at NDA and presents ideas that can help the well-being of the NDA community.

Another branch or division of Student Government is the Outreach Branch, which works with the Executive Board to identify service projects to do and how to handle doing them. Each class has two advocates that comprise the Outreach Branch, and the Vice President of Outreach, himself a member of the Executive Board, heads the Outreach Branch.

Also on the same level as Outreach is the Senate, the branch of Student Government that deals with policy for the school and discusses how to adjust and improve school policies, such as dress code.

“I love working with the students.  They are so creative, passionate and full of energy.  I also love working with the other advisrrs. They are amazing people,” said Jennie Laaksonen, also known as Frau, the head of student government and lead advisor of the Executive Board

The Executive Board includes 16 student members. Positions include Student Body President (Will Templeton), Vice President of Senate (Zach Kellner), Vice President of Outreach (Elizabeth Schaupp), Administrative Assistant of the Executive Board ( Max Timmer), Representatives to the Administration (Olivia Vanden Elzen and Maggie Otradovec), Representative to the Board (Madeline Laaksonen), Communication and Social Media Specialist (Fuzz French), Representatives to Curriculum and Student Life (Mattea Vecera and Isabella Zent), Fan Man (Jake Gryboski), Mermaid (Brelyn McCarron), and Class Presidents (Liz Scott, Howie Gerstner, Joseph Re, and the freshmen president to be determined soon).

Advisors for Student Government include Frau, Senora Crystal Dory, Mrs. Caitlin Vanden Wyngaard, Mrs. Sarah VanGrunsven, Mrs.Gina Fredrick and Mrs. Holly Hinch. The advisors help with much of the needed behind-the-scenes work and keep the meetings on task. Without them, Student Government would not be where it is today.

“I got involved with Student Government to help improve NDA for future students. Two of my favorite things we have recently accomplished is the BYOD initiative and the improvements to Fall Fest,” Zack Kellner explained.

Still want to get involved in Student Government but believe it’s too late?

Don’t worry.

You don’t have to be elected to get involved.  Our meetings are generally open meetings that anyone can attend.  Have something special to present or bring to us? Let us know and you will be put on the agenda.  Visit our student government Powerschool Learning page for meeting details and follow @NDA_studentgov on Twitter for news and announcements,” said Frau

I got involved with student government because I wanted to be a representative that could give a voice to the students. We’ve got many great ideas in store for the rest of this school year, and I can’t wait for everyone to see them come to life,”  said Vecera.