Fall Fest 2018: Three Weeks of Fun, Activities


Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year’s Fall Fest Week and dance have had a little switch up as the dance will be taking place the Saturday before the week of festivities.

But, as usual, the dance will be a special one.

Thanks to last year’s student surveys we are going to bring back that concert style set up. Our DJ says it will be bigger and better than last year,” said Jennifer Laaksonen, the mind behind the madness.

Unlike other years, the fun will be spread out through three weeks, beginning October 8 with Girls Flag Football, and ending with TGB the Friday of the official Fall Fest Week.

Crystal Dory, a big part in planning all things Fall Fest, said, “We are excited for the dance to kick off the week.”

As usual there will be special dress days as well as a lunch fundraiser similar to past years. Bracelets will be bought in order to dress up, and all of the money earned goes to the special  charity of this year.

Although there will still be a fun lunch, it will not be chili or dip day as it was in previous years.

“We are doing a mashed potato bar with lots of toppings,” said Holly Hinch, another instrument (also known as Student Government adviser)  in planning these events.

The proceeds from this event also go to the charity which will be announced during the prayer service at the beginning of the week.

To wrap up this fun week, students and teachers have been working together to plan The Great Battle, a favorite of Laaksonen and Hinch.

“TGB will end the week on Friday with some fun talent, great competitions and a theme with an opening video and dance that is really going to be impressive!” said Dory.

All of the behind-the-scenes work is done by members of Student Government, other students who want to get involved and dedicated faculty members such as the women previously mentioned.

They have been planning since August to make sure all events run smoothly and are successful, fun and memorable.

“Seeing students getting involved, having fun, and enjoying the events–all to raise money for a great cause makes all of the hard work worth it,” said Dory about what keeps her coming back for this job.