Tritons Edge Trojans 14-13 in Nailbiter


Staff Writer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journaism

The Tritons’ Max Healy took the opening kickoff, ran it back to the 40, and ignited a march down the field that gave the Notre Dame squad a 7-0 lead five minutes into the game.  Southwest came out passing, but the Triton defense held and forced a punt.

Once again Notre Dame’s line was blocking, Brandon Limoni was running, and scrambling Wesley Glime was passing like he usually does.

That is . . until Southwest intercepted and stopped the drive, responded with their own passing game and scored on a 23-yard pass.  The Trojan PAT failed, making the score 7-6.

The Tritons responded with another drive and another TD, this one highlighted by a pass and catch and literal run of the field by Josh Cribben to the one-yard line of Southwest.  Glime carried the ball into the end zone, and with 8:45 left in the half, the score was 14-6.

Southwest took the second half kickoff, and despite heroic defensive moves, such as Healy’s breaking up a touchdown pass, the Trojan quarterback scored with 3 minutes left in the half.  

Who knew the 14-13 score at half would be the final score of the game?

The second half was tense–both quarterbacks running and passing (how about that bomb to Mitch Chosa?), both teams racking up penalties, both teams causing turnovers (critical interception by Ben Smet), both teams playing hard to win.  Ultimately the game came down to whether or not the Triton defense could stop the Trojans–and they did!

With 42 seconds left, the Trojans and their fans were sensing victory at the Triton 20-yard line–until Matthew Re made the interception that sealed the win.

14-13. . . .” A win’s a win, and it’s important to win the close ones,” said one Tritons’ fan.

Especially if you’re playing the Trojans.