Seniors Win PowderPuff Tourney, Silver Ball


Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Class of 2019: The new Flag Football Champions.

The seniors edged the juniors in the championship game by one touchdown and took home the new silver football trophy.

The popular event was held on Monday night and featured a total of three games per team.

The original plan was to feature four games per team, but inclement weather forced the organizers to reduce the number of games in order to have a crowned champion.

The seniors’ road to a championship started with a very close 28-21 victory over the freshmen.

The seniors went up late and were able to hold off the freshmen for the final seconds.

After that game the seniors faced off against the sophomores.

The sophomores, the returning champs from last year, were hoping they could redeem themselves after a close loss to the junior team.

The seniors would be tied with sophomores by the time regulation ended. You know what that means, overtime.

The seniors got the ball first and started from the twenty-yard line, trying to score into the endzone.

If the seniors were to score, the sophomores would get one chance to tie them and continue into double overtime

However, the sophomores would not accomplish this.

The seniors scored on their third play and stopped the sophomores before they could score.

After this game, it was decided by Powderpuff supervisor Frau Laaksonen and commissioner Fuzz French, to cut the games short and have the two 2-0 teams play for the championship.

The seniors and juniors would go back and forth all game.

After the seniors went up 14-7, junior Ellie Rose ran in for touchdown, or so the juniors thought.

Referee Grady Brick  called Rose out of bounds around the eight-yard line. The juniors then threw a pick and ended up losing the game.

After the game the commissioner presented the seniors with the Powderpuff trophy, marking the end to the tourney and the start of three weeks of Fall Festival fun.