Why NDA Was the Right Fit for Me


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy provides students with various attributes that benefit many types of learners, including myself. The teachers are welcoming and very helpful. Most of the students are friendly and open to building new relationships. The classes are enjoyable and create the right amount of challenge. Abundant opportunities exist to get involved with the Notre Dame community. College preparation and counseling resources support students as they journey through high school. We do not know what the future holds for each of us, but NDA has provided me a wonderful start to my future.

Teachers at Notre Dame make themselves available to help all students succeed in whatever way they desire. They are approachable and give their time freely as they guide students through overcoming challenges. Many teachers invest personal time and go out of their way to help with academic achievement goals. The one thing I like best about the teachers at Notre Dame Academy is that they listen to your needs and help problem-solve in a heartbeat. They show compassion and will do anything for you.

The friends made throughout my three years at NDA have changed my world and brought joy to my life. They have inspired me to become a more responsible, kind, generous and respectful young student. My friends and I have made countless memories in classes, at sporting events and even hanging out at lunch.  We look forward to creating more memories before we leave Notre Dame.

The classes that NDA offers can be challenging, but I am always up for a challenge. They are not so hard that you can not succeed, but not too easy that it is a waste of time. My academic schedule has been the perfect workload for me.  

Notre Dame opens the door for a bright future for its graduates. There are many resources available for students to set themselves up for a successful future. Whether it is Mrs. Bain helping you determine what college to attend, the college-like classes that prepare you, or the many extracurricular activities to participate in, NDA provides numerous opportunities to grow personally. The future is waiting for everyone; it is how you choose to use your Notre Dame resources that matters most.