National Honor Society to Induct Members November 13

Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy’s National Honor Society will be hosting its induction of new members on Tuesday, November 13, at 7 p.m. in the NDA chapel.

This year, 89 students throughout the junior and senior classes were eligible for induction into the society.

The requirements to be invited to join this society are having a 3.67 GPA and not to have earned a D or an F in the spring semester of last year.

Inductees also need to have done 30 hours of community service throughout their high school carrier.

To officially join NHS after being invited, students must meet the criteria and fill out an application. They then need to ask two adults in the building for a recommendation.

Students who are a part of this are “recognized and celebrated by our community for their high academic achievement,” said Doctora Diane Mulroney, the person in charge of NHS this year.

This recognition can be included on a job or college application in the student’s future.

These students also participate in a tutoring program that is run through NHS, whereby members can tutor students in multiple different ways.

“NHS members can tutor students one on one in student services, they can work with students in study halls, and they can tutor students after school at study tables,” Mulroney said in discussing how NHS members can achieve their hours.

Another opportunity for them to tutor is attending and helping out at the study tables in December and May before each set of final exams.

Each member must complete 15 hours of tutoring every year they are involved in NHS. These tutors are able to use their academic talents to help other students grow and learn materials they have trouble with.

Mulroney says that this speaks to NDA’s mission of “creating an environment where we can all reach our full potential.”

To remain members, students must pay annual dues of $20, maintain a 3.67 GPA or higher, not earn a D or an F, stay off academic and disciplinary probation, and attend NHS meetings.

Every year, there are NHS officers that lead the induction mass and have other responsibilities to do with NHS. This year the officers are Wes Glime, Anna Kaye, Vanessa Lent, Izzy Kellner, Zach Kellner and Seela Raj.

Mulroney mentioned that her biggest challenge in being involved with NHS is remembering all of the details associated with advising the group. Her favorite part is  “working with my students outside of the classroom and getting to know students who are not in my classes. Also, working with different adults in the building that I never worked with before.  It adds variety to my work.”