Fifteen Finalists Announced for Academy Awards Show


Pictured are the contestants from last year’s Mr. NDA. The concluding group photo of this year’s Academy Awards will include two female contestants.

Staff Writer, Journalism I

On Friday, Jen Laaksonen, lead adviser of Student Government, announced the final 15 contestants for the recently revamped Mr. NDA Contest.

The December show will be called The Academy Awards rather than Mr. NDA.

Walking the 23-year-old ramp on Saturday, Dec. 1, will be James Bosco, Grady Brick, Owen Brummel, Josh Cribben, Ryan (Fuzz) French, Howie Gerstner, Keegan Gille, Jake Gryboski, Riley Onell, Charlie Sauter, Anna Schaut, Max Timmer, Theo VanStraten, Henry Wied and Katherine Zeise.

This year the voting was open to any junior or senior.  Two girls and 13 guys will vie for the title of either Mr. NDA or Miss NDA.

“It was time,” said Frau Laaksonen, about the decision to open the competition to girls as well as guys.

After narrowing the vote to 40 on Wednesday’s all-school voting, the ¬†student body voted on Thursday for the 15 finalists.

Next week students will audition for the two emcee positions and rampeteers will be selected.

Seniors are eligible to emcee, and the rampeteers, who escort the contestants, are selected at random from freshmen and sophomores who sign up for the drawing.