Veterans Day Salute to Mr. Dory, Our Navy Veteran


Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As students walk the halls of NDA, they can see the Veterans Memorial in the priory hallway. One name not on that board is the newest teacher to NDA.

Christian Dory, better known as Mr. Dory, served in the United States Navy.

Dory, who joined just after his attendance at UW-Milwaukee, said, “I was never a strong high school student. I thought strong test-taking with limited studying would be enough, but it wasn’t.”

“I had some growing up to do,” he said. After realizing this, Dory visited the Navy recruiting office, and two weeks later found himself in boot camp.

Mr. Dory was older than most of the people in boot camp, and, as a result, was “put into a position of authority,” as he says. In other words, Dory rocked boot camp!

In his career with the United States Navy, Dory served aboard the USS Shasta and the USS Ford. Most of his time was spent on the Ford.

The USS Ford was first deployed in 1988 and is a guided missile frigate. The ship was mostly deployed in the Persian Gulf and participated in the Gulf War.

While aboard “that majestic vessel,” Dory was seen as the go-to man. “But the thing is with the military, your reward for doing good work, is more work,” said Dory. And, he added, “This is why Wisconsinites do very well in the military.”   

Dory was first stationed in Oakland, California, but then was relocated to the USS Ford which forced him to move to just north of Seattle.

There Dory enjoyed the music and nightlife that was seen in this part of the country. “Try to imagine Seattle in the 90s.  The music scene was amazing!”

When asked if he would recommend the military to anybody and everybody, he responded, “I would not recommend just anybody for the military. America is a unique shepherd in the world. No one can ever compare the might of the U.S military to any other nation.”

For Dory there is no doubt that joining the military was the greatest decision of his life.  

So, as students see Mr. Dory in the hallway, I and many others encourage you to thank him for his service to this country. It is because of rare men and women like him that we free American citizens can attend this school and do the things we do.