Eighty Juniors & Seniors Inducted into NHS


Ava Vande Corput, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Eighty juniors and seniors joined the ranks of NHS, the National Honor Society, on November 13 in the NDA chapel.

NHS is a program that recognizes juniors and seniors who embody the four traits of scholarship, service, leadership and character.  In other words, NHS members not only have to uphold high academic standards,but also be involved in the school and serving the community.

This year 73 students from the class of 2020 and 7 students from the class of 2019 took the oath of membership.

The evening started off with a mass lead by Notre Dame’s own chaplain, Father Raj Christian, O. Praem from India.

“The NHS ceremony started with a solemn mass at the beginning which showed our school spirit as well as our Catholic spirit,” stated Zhongqianhui Guan, an inductee from the class of 2019.

Following mass was the NHS induction ceremony led by NHS adviser Doctora Mulroney.  She was assisted by student officers Isabel Kellner, Zach Kellner, Vanessa Lent and Seela Raj.

The ceremony started with stating and describing the four traits of an NHS member and then lighting a candle for each trait.

After this occurred, each inductee received his certificate from President Shaw, Principal Patrick Browne and Assistant Principal Greg Masarik.

“The moment when I was at the stage to receive this certificate I was extremely moved because I felt all my effort was worth this moment. All the parents are very proud of their kids, and I think this will strengthen the bond between kids and their parents,” stated Guan.

Overall the ceremony was a success in the eyes of the inductees and the parents.

“I thought the ceremony was very well structured and put together,” said Maya AbuJamra, an inductee from the class of 2019.

Guan agreed with AbuJamra: “The atmosphere tonight was pleasant and comfortable with Doctora’s funny comments.”

“I really enjoyed the ceremony, and I thought Doctora did a great job, especially because it was her first time,” said Sam Van Straten, a class of 2020 inductee.

Maya AbuJamra is excited to take on the new challenges NHS has to offer her, such as continuing to achieve academic excellence and serving others.

“Being in NHS is important to me because it gives me a community of peers to be connected with who follow the same values of leadership, service and academic honor,” said AbuJamra.

Van Straten agreed, saying, “Being in NHS is important to me because I think it is important for students who hold themselves to a high standard to be recognized.”

Guan is also excited to be inducted into NHS after working so hard as an international student from China.

“NHS is an approval of my academic prominence, and I feel very honored to be a member of it.  This certificate will motivate me to continue to work hard and always give effort to my academics. NHS also requires members to have 15 hours of tutoring which is a good way to help us improve not only academically, but also spiritually by helping others. So, overall, being a NHS member is very meaningful to me as well as all my peers,” said Guan.

The full list of new inductees is extensive but includes the following individuals: Leya AbuJamra, James Adams, Grant Allen, Spencer Allen, Kai Assef, Rachel Bal, Jordan Bellmund, Josephine Bieker, Clara Blumreich, Jacqueline Brady, Owen Brummel, Madalyn Burgess, Karen Cendejas, JunHyeok Cha, Bridget Charles, Jacob Conrad, Katherine Crane, Emily Cribben, Olivia Cullen, Sydney Ditscheit, Emerson Dycus, Katherine Fangman, Howie Gerstner, Keegan Gille, Ryan Gomez, Dennis Guo, Hannah Guyette, Abigail Heyroth, Elizabeth Hoeppner, Adam Homel, Marcus Hornacek, Bridget Kapic, Adison Karbon, Alexander LaMere, Ashley Lemens, Sydney Lemkuil, Emily Lin, Ellese Martin, Joseph Massabni, Ellen Meeuwsen, Joel Meglic, Mariah Michalski, Reid Milton, Cassidy Noble, Riley Onell, Molly Radar, Alexander Roach, Courtney Romes, Elizabeth Rose, Scott Russel, Sawyer Scholl, David Scolare, Eli Servais, Evan Skaletski, Logan Skaletski, Lydia Sladek, Benjamin Smet, Sydney Steckart, Noah Sternig, William Urick, Lauren Van

Gheem, Samuel Van Straten, Abigail VanOoyen, Sydney VanWychen, Mattea Vecera, Conner Wendricks, Isabella Weslow, Charles Wied, Evan Witczak, Abby Wittler, Benjamin Zabriskie, Carlos Zaragoza, Isabelle Zingler-Hoslet, Maya AbuJamra, John Elinger, Zhongqianhui Guan, Brelyn McCarron, Charles Sauter, Matthew Shade, and Ava Vande Corput.