Junior Sydney Ditscheit Sets Up GoFundMe Page, Makes Blankets for Children’s Hospital

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One of the most integral parts of being a Catholic school is dedication to service in the community, and junior Sydney Ditscheit has embodied this mentality by organizing a blanket- tying event for the Children’s Hospital in Madison.

Ditscheit was in a devastating UTV accident and had to be airlifted to the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison where she spent three days in intense recovery. She received a tied fleece blanket during her stay there.

“What’s funny is that I don’t remember anything from the hospital, and even a few weeks after the accident, including receiving the blanket,” Ditscheit recalls. “It wasn’t until afterwards, when I wanted to give back to my community, that I saw the blanket and realized that was how I could give back.”

Last year, Ditscheit made 55 blankets that were donated to the same hospital that she was a patient in. This year, she hopes to reach 100. “I know we can do it!”

The first time Ditscheit organized this event, she fundraised by selling bracelets at school.

“I’m so grateful for those who got involved by buying a bracelet,” she said. Over 50 volunteers contributed in helping to tie the blankets, which take roughly an hour and a half to make per blanket depending on how many people are involved.

This year, Ditscheit has already received many generous donations from teachers and friends.

“I would like to thank those who have already helped me to reach my goal,” she said. Ditscheit also has a GoFundMe page set up, which is linked below.

Although Ditscheit cannot distribute the blankets personally due to safety reasons, the hospital shares them with their child patients. Each blanket is received by a different patient.

“The blanket made me so happy and grateful for a speedy recovery when I was a patient in the hospital. I really want to show the other children hope and happiness when they need it most.”

How can you help Ditscheit? First, by donating to her GoFundMe to help her raise the money for the materials. Eventually she will need volunteers to help tie the blankets. For more information, feel free to contact Sydney via school email, or talk to Mrs. Brown.