Vanessa Lent, Madeline Laaksonen Selected to Emcee Academy Awards Show


Krya Merriman, Staff Writer, Journalism I

The emcees for Mr. NDA have always been an integral part of the show with advisers saying they work as hard as the contestants. This year’s Academy Awards Show will be no different.

Selected to emcee for the Dec. 1 show are seniors Vanessa Lent and Madeline Laaksonen. A panel of staff members listened to nine seniors, including two boys, audition for the role. They will be the first to emcee a show that includes not only men but also two women.

Lent said, “Maddie and I are in charge of writing the script for the show, introducing the show and all of the contestants, and announcing the winner. We are also there to make the night fun for everyone, and make Academy Awards the best it possibly can be.”

Lent and Laaksonen have been wanting this moment for years and both are looking forward to it.

“I have wanted to be an emcee ever since I was a freshman,” said Lent. “I liked how they seemed to form such strong bonds with the contestants, and I knew I wanted to participate after watching them.”  

Lent and Laaksonen both have worries in regards to being onstage.

My worst fear would probably be that Grady Brick would wink at me, and I would instantly faint on stage,” joked Lent while Laaksonen, who has been involved with the show since childhood, said, “My worst fear would be that I fall off the stage.”

“For all the years that I have worked with the show I have been privileged to see the camaraderie that comes with it.  Everyone working with the show is always willing to help one another, and that is something very unique and special. With the addition of female contestants it truly is now a production for the entire school,” said Laaksonen.