‘Tis the Season for Giving. . . Socks, Socks, & More Socks!


Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This December the NDA social committee ran a sock drive competition between all of the faculty and staff departments.

It ran from November 16-December 7 and was the brainchild of Mr. Bryan Konshak, one of the math teachers and head of the staff social committee. Media specialist Kimberly Uelmen communicated the outreach to members of the faculty and staff.

The NDA social committee is a group that comes up with monthly activities for employees to take part in, and this month they decided on a competition that also contributed to a greater good.

This committee is made up of Konshak, Mrs. Jessica Sidon, Mrs. Shelly Cowans, and Uelmen.

They decided to donate socks of all things because they know how cold Wisconsin is and how vital socks are to keeping warm. They also tend to be affordable so everyone is able to join in on the donations.

The collected socks were donated to St. John’s Homeless Shelter, a local organization that NDA works closely with to aid the homeless population of Green Bay.

Uelmen and Registrar Michele Mahlock had the pleasure of dropping off the socks after they were all collected.

“It was an absolute blessing to give back to our community, especially as we partnered with St. John’s Homeless Shelter. Not only did we as employees have fun contributing to a common goal, but we had fun contributing to the greater good,” said Uelmen.

All of the departments together donated 601 socks, with the main/business offices donating 271 pairs. They were the winning department after a close race between the science department and the staff in the priory offices.

“The main/business office team kept causing a stir by saying that they were going to have a big donation. No one believed them because their actions did not follow their words. Alas, on the last day of the competition, the main/business office came in clutch and donated 271 pairs of socks,” said Uelmen.

During the drive, the teachers had a crazy sock day and entered into a competition where students voted the winner of on a google form. This inspired them to bring the whole NDA community together and give the students a crazy sock day as well.

This drive was a good way to remind people to keep the less fortunate in their minds and hearts, especially during the Christmas season.