Will Templeton Named Evans Scholar, Plans to Attend UW-Madison


Owen Martzke, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Since its creation in 1930, the Evans Scholars Foundation has helped more than 10,600 caddies graduate from college. The newest member to gain the prestigious title of Evans Scholar is Notre Dame Academy’s student body president, Will Templeton.

Will began working his first job at Oneida Country Club when he was just 14 years old. He was simply looking to gain work experience and save money for college.

Little did he know that being a caddie would open up a world of opportunities for himself.

“That Will Templeton is the best darn caddie at Oneida Country Club. He really has a chance to win the Evans Scholarship if he caddies enough.” This is what Will overheard one prominent member say while he was working.

According to him, “These were words not meant for my ears, but they impacted me greatly.”

Will researched the scholarship and found out that applicants must have a strong caddie record, excellent grades, and outstanding character.

When asked if he thought he had a shot to be awarded the life-changing scholarship, Will said, “I thought it would be a possibility, but honestly it would be a long shot. I knew that to become an Evans Scholar, I would need to strive to be my best academically and on the golf course.”

As time went on this “long shot” of a possibility was slowly becoming more realistic. Will was excelling in school and working long hours to complete rounds as a caddie.

All of his hard work involved a lot of sacrifice.  “I would have to turn down plans with my friends in order to work. I even missed the NDA freshman orientation to caddie during a three-day tournament,” he explained.

Eventually, his hard work and dedication paid off. Will Templeton was recently awarded the Evans Scholarship, giving him a full ride to study business at UW-Madison.

The news of Will winning the scholarship has spread around the school, and many congratulated him for his hard work.

One teacher in particular is proud to know there is another Evans Scholar walking the halls of Notre Dame Academy.

Spanish teacher, Diane (Doctora) Mulroney also won the Evans Scholarship in 1984. Her dad was a major influence for her to do her best in school and even got her the caddie job at their local country club in Waukegan, Illinois.

The scholarship meant she could afford to attend Northwestern University, something very meaningful to her dad who really wished she could go to school there. She was the fourth female winner at Northwestern and is very thankful for the opportunities she was given.

“I felt proud of my successes,” said Doctora. “It felt good to pave the way for other future female scholars.”

She is also proud that Will won the scholarship and hopes he continues to excel at UW-Madison.

The Evans Scholarship was created by Charles Evans in order to “furnish educations for deserving, qualified caddies.”

Eighty-nine years later Templeton is honored and overjoyed to be considered an Evans Scholar. He speaks to all future winners when he says, “I learned it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your background is, but if you work hard you will succeed.”