Campus Ministry Intern Excited about NDA Opportunity


Madeline Jaloszynski, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

McKenna Kaminski is back in the high school hallways, not as a student but as an intern to Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl.

Kaminski will be here until graduation.

Kaminski is originally from Maryland but has lived in many different cities. Her father was a professional hockey player which forced her family to pick up and move often.

After finishing her senior year at Carmel Catholic School in Illinois, Kaminski decided on St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI.

“I chose SNC because my sister had gone there at the time, and I  had visited so many times that it already felt like home to me,” she explained.  “I will say now after being there that I love the size of the school, and I like that I am able to speak one on one with professors who will work with you to be the best student you can be even in areas that are not your best subjects. I have come to know so many people at St. Norbert, and I cannot imagine my college experience any place else.”

When Kaminski isn’t in class or walking the campus, she is smiling in front of thousands of people. She has been cheerleading since she was 5 years old. She decided to continue at St. Norbert where she cheers home football games, home Packer football games and men and women basketball games.

She also coaches cheerleading at Shawano High School and at Green Bay Elite in De Pere. For her more downtime free time, she loves to meditate, journal and watch a Netflix episode when she can.

Kaminski is majoring in Theology and Religious studies with an emphasis on youth ministry.

“I have always known I wanted to work/teach in a high school, but I did not realize that theology was what I wanted to study until three semesters ago, so I have really been cramming in all things theology.  Luckily the theology staff at SNC is so helpful and has really helped me flourish in this subject,” she said.

Kaminski’s technical role at NDA is in the campus youth ministry office. She is able to connect with the students regarding all things youth ministry, such as adoration, reconciliation, mass, retreats and common prayer. She is also able to work with Mr. Kriegl and Father Christian, school chaplain, in the freshman theology class.

Kaminski said, “I hope to be someone reliable and relatable for the students to talk to or open up to about theology and life in general.”

As for her future down the road, she hopes to work in youth ministry on a high school campus and teach. She wants to stick around the De Pere/Green Bay area after SNC and work in an area high school.

“Where that will be I am not sure yet, but I am letting God work that out for the moment,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski is passionate about the topic of mental health. She has seen mental health problems prevalent in younger kids and hopes to be a light for those who suffer from mental health issues. She has given her own personal talk on mental health for the Green Bay Press Gazette, at a local church, and to on-campus groups at St. Norbert.

Kaminski said, “I believe it is important to share my story with others so they see they are not alone.”

Kaminski gave a shout out to Mr. Kriegl, saying he was “very helpful in helping me decipher if this was a good fit for me here.” She was connected to him through her cheerleading coach at St. Norbert.

“I came in for an almost full day, and I instantly knew it was where I wanted to be. I have not looked back since!” Kaminski said.

“I wanted to be apart of all the positive things, and I am very grateful I have the opportunity to do so. I have heard very positive things about NDA. When I do get a job, I want to feel prepared to do the best job that I can. I believe NDA will do that for me,” the interni said.