Eisley Says ‘No’ to ‘Say Yes to the Dress’

Eisley Says No to Say Yes to the Dress

Olivia Vanden Elzen, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On February 28, a cast producer from TLC’s ever popular show, “Say Yes to the Dress,” reached out to NDA’s very own paraprofessional, Ms. Anne Eisley.

In the email sent to Eisley, the producer explained how she had been fascinated by The Tritonian article about staff love stories, particularly the story about Eisley and her fiance, Luke Schumacher.

“I was really surprised because there were only a few sentences about us written in the staff love stories section,” said Eisley.

The email went on to state that the show is filming a new series called “Say Yes to the Dress: America.” One couple from each state in the United States will be flown to New York, gifted a dress from Kleinfeld Bridal and married by Randy Fenoli, the host of “Say Yes to the Dress.”

The producer then called a few days later and explained the process to be on the show. The process would include a video that the couple would have to make about their love story, explaining why they love the state they live in, and how they plan to incorporate their love for their state into their wedding.

“I’m all for cheese, but I didn’t know how else to work in ‘Wisconsin-y’ things,” said Eisley.

Though the free flight to New York, the free dress, and the opportunity to be married by the one and only Randy Fenoli was tempting, Eisley ultimately decided to turn it down.

“I decided to keep the dress I bought, which I absolutely love, as well as to have my dad, who is actually a pastor, marry us,” she said.

Eisley and her lucky man have set their wedding date for August 10 in Sturgeon Bay where Schumacher grew up.