At Cabaret Night the Arts Reign, the Crowds Come


Owen Martzke, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Another successful Cabaret Night is in the books.

With the Band-Aide parents feeding over a hundred dinner guests and continuous performances in three venues, the crowds flowing throughout the commons, library and auditorium were totally entertained.

Cabaret Night is very important to many people of the NDA community.

Junior Charles Peterson said, “Cabaret Night means a lot to me because it gives people a chance to show their talents that others may not know they have.”

Peterson was involved in a plethora of acts during the night which showcased his voice and piano skills. Likewise, senior Ally Robb found herself in five different acts, including a first-time singing performance by fellow senior Anna Schaut.

“Cabaret is a night where the school sets aside all athletics and prioritizes the arts. It’s really fun to be a part of or simply attend because you get to collaborate with people and just have fun,” said Robb.

For the NDA community Cabaret is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the arts at NDA because it is free to enter and no audition is necessary. Those that do acts together bond through practices and the performance experience.

Several teachers experienced this bond by performing together. Mr. Greg Geiser led a band consisting of Mrs. Chris Salerno, Mr. Doug Guyette, Mr. Steve Johnson, Ms. Kimberly Uelman, Mrs. Melanie Bradshaw, Rob Gurnicke and Ben Jensen.

One of the final-hour acts of the night, the staff performed “Doctor My Eyes” by Jackson Browne.

For Mr. Geiser, “Cabaret Night is my favorite night of the year. Seeing all of the talent in the school, watching students, teachers and families appreciating and supporting each other is so amazing.”

Similarly Ms. Uelmen said, “Cabaret Night is an awesome way for all students to showcase their talents. It is enjoyable to watch our students gain confidence as they perform onstage in front of their peers and teachers.”

Father Christian, who sang and played the piano to a standing ovation in the auditorium,  summed it up best by saying, “God has created each and every one of us with various gifts, talents and lots of potential. Students should get involved with Cabaret in the future to build self confidence and to grow in their talents and reach their full potential.”