Spring Week Activities Begin Monday, Week Culminates with De La Baie Fest

Gioia Cumicek, Owen Martzke, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

De La Baie Fest, one of the most anticipated events of the year, will be the crowning touch to Spring Week, a week of dress-down days and special events in support of a two good causes.

Spring Week will begin on Monday, April 8, when Mr. Brian Konshak hosts the Pancake Run/Walk after school.

This is Konshak’s third year holding the event at school, but it is his first year flipping the pancakes himself.

“For it being my first year cooking by myself, I think I will be fine,” said Konshak.

For this event, those signed up can walk/run around the track to raise money.

The proceeds go towards the “NDA closet” which provides student lunches, uniforms, supplies and other essentials for those who may not able to afford them.

Wednesday, April 10, Notre Dame’s fifth annual Dip Day will be held.

“This year we are adding in some fun alliteration with our Denim Dip Day,” said Mrs.Holly Hinch, one of the Student Government advisers planning Spring Week.. ‘Denim” refers to the Dress Down option for Wednesday, the day of the dips.

Students who purchase the special pin from Student Government are able to wear denim on this day. Other special dress-down days include Teal Tuesday and a Sports Jersey Day for the traditional Spirit Day on Friday.

All the profits from Dip Day will go to the Student Government fundraiser for the week–support for the Rose Home, a Brown County venture to fight human trafficking.

“Please consider donating a dip or buying a never-ending plate for $3,” said Hinch.

Friday, April 12, the NDA Chinese Club will hold another one of its ever-popular ping pong tournaments.

All students and staff are able to sign up on the sheet located outside room 212.

Each game consists of a fifteen-minute single matches. There are a total of 24 students competing in the tournament.

The winners will be announced over the PA the next morning.

On Friday, there will also be the 3-on-3 basketball tournament which begins at 12:20 during De La Baie Fest.

The tournament is moderated by Mr. Greg Geiser and is organized in a bracket style. Teams will play a 20-minute game of street ball with no referee.

“Just like intramurals, the fun/competitive balancing act is hard to achieve. Most students at NDA understand that, so that makes it fun,” said Geiser.

Another popular event of De la Baie Fest is the dodgeball tournament. Teams made up of students from all grades compete in best-of-3 matches to determine who moves on in the bracket.

Senior Fuzz French, who helped coordinate the dodgeball tournament, said, “I am very excited for the dodgeball tournament. A lot of kids are participating, and I’m excited to see which team comes out on top.”

De la Baie Fest also offers a number of other activities for students to get involved in, such as the Writer’s Union Kahoot game, the silent auction, and raffle, or trying some of the delicious food German Club has to offer.

This year German Club will offer meatless tacos (in observance of Lent), tater tot bowls, and churros.

De la Baie Fest is one of the most anticipated days of the school year, and this year it looks to be packed with plenty of fun activities for students and teachers to check out.

“I love the chance for everyone to get together and have a fun time with each other outside the classroom,” said Frau.