Student Government Organizes Another Successful De La Baie Fest


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Hats Off to Student Government!  

Once again Frau and her team of Student Government advisers and volunteers organized and pulled off another successful De La Baie Fest on Friday, April 12.

From tournaments in dodgeball, basketball, and ping pong to Kahoot games based on staff trivia to cake walks, theater games, a silent auction, fish tacos and cookie decorating. . . . there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Teachers and staff members joined with Student Government members to coordinate and run the events.  The reigning 3-on-3 basketball champs were dethroned, a tweed jacket of Mr. Gray’s was sold, and students enjoyed bargains from the school store.

And all the extra food was delivered to the Micah Center.  In the words of one television commercial, “It can’t get any better than that!”