Business Teacher Eileen Montgomery to Retire from NDA, Plans to Travel, Enjoy Sunsets


Madeline Jaloszynski, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Applied Science and Technology teacher Eileen Montgomery plans to retire from teaching at the end of this school year.

Montgomery has taught at NDA for 10 years. She has taught computer applications, intro to business, personal finance and business management.

Prior to NDA, Montgomery went to Pope John 23rd High School in Everett, Massachusetts. She later earned a B.S. in Business Education from Suffolk University, Boston, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Salem State University, Salem, Massachusetts.  

In the past she taught primarily in two-year colleges and worked for about five years in Accounting/Business. She then found her way to Notre Dame Academy to teach high school students.

Montgomery made the decision a couple months ago to retire, but she explained she had been thinking of it since her husband retired one year ago.

The business teacher said she will miss the connection with students the most. However, she said she will not miss all of the high school drama.

College counselor Becky Bain, who is good friends with Montgomery, said, “I’m thrilled for her retirement. I couldn’t be happier for my friend to have more time to enjoy her blessings.”

She admitted she would miss her friend at school but said they “see each other more outside of NDA than in, so it really won’t be that bad.”

Montgomery plans on going to Boston more often and traveling with her husband. They have a cottage in Door County that they hardly ever use because of their busy lives. She would like to relax more, do some boating and enjoy the sunsets.

Looking forward to time with her husband, the two are going to Nantucket this summer and have a trip planned to Italy in September. They hope to have an escape from winter cold as well.

Montgomery and her husband just bought a new home in November and plan to stay in Wisconsin; however, they will be spending more time in Boston when she retires. They both love the ocean, the mountains, and the history of New England. She has a daughter and sister that live in Boston.

Together, she and her husband have seven adult children and two grandchildren. Four of them are in Wisconsin, two in Minnesota and one in Boston.  

Montgomery spends her free time with family and friends. She enjoys walking her dog, going to yoga, reading books and gardening.  She also enjoys live theater and music. Her happy place is the ocean and walking the beach with her husband.