Academy Ball!


The 2018 Academy Ball and post-prom party filled the night with smiles and laughter. We challenge you to look at our photo gallery of pictures and not smile. (Let Mrs. Brown know if you were able to do so!)

Thanks to Student Government advisers, led by the fearless Frau Laaksonen, for a night of beauty and fun at Tundra Lodge.  Other Student Government leaders are Mrs. Gina Fredrick, Mrs. Caitlyn Vanden Wyngaard, Mrs. Sarah Van Grunsven, Sra. Crystal Dory and Mrs. Holly Hinch.

Additional staff members who gave up their Saturday night to help out were Mrs. Katie Stanczak, Mrs. Amy Stover, Mrs. Andrea Gilson and Mrs. Brenda Rentmeester.

Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl and Father Christian Raj, chaplain, organized mass at Tundra Lodge for approximately 30 attendees prior to the ball.

Principal Patrick Browne and parents too numerous to name chaperoned the post-prom event at the Tundra Lodge Waterpark.

Using a green screen, Owen Campbell, NDA’s versatile photographer and videographer, took pictures that will be “Enchanted Evening” souvenirs of the night.  (His pictures will be better than ours, but hopefully we’re online first!)