State of School Address from Student Body President Timmer


Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Hello students, parents, staff, and friends of Notre Dame Academy. I am Max Timmer, a senior at Notre Dame Academy. This year I am the student body president, and, more specifically, I am a part of the Executive Board of Student Government. Student Government for NDA is made up of three branches: Senate, Outreach and Executive Board. 

As the student body president, I focus mostly on the Executive Board of Student Government. The Executive Board manages most of the activities that go on at NDA and presents ideas that can help the well-being of the NDA community This year we have, myself included, five returning members to the Executive Board and 16 members in total (not counting the freshman class president, which will be elected soon).

We have already started planning the pep assemblies for this year. One thing I promote is the resurgence of pep assemblies under my four years in the Executive Board. During my time in Student Government. pep assemblies have risen noticeably in the level of involvement and professionalism. Pep assemblies are crucial to NDA because we have these to celebrate the success of our sporting teams and the success of the school. Pep assemblies are an exciting way to bring staff and students together in a school setting. It also celebrates the season of sports ahead and promotes school spirit at NDA. During my term as student body president, I am committed to continuing the success of pep assemblies.

Another activity that the Executive Board has begun planning for this school year is Fall Fest Week. Fall Fest week is a full week of activities that the Student Government creates for the highly anticipated Fall Fest dance. The week also includes fun dress days for students to break out of the uniform for one week. To participate in the dress days, students purchase a pass from Student Government. The money gathered will go towards the charity selected for the week, which is the theme of the week as well. For example, last year our fundraiser was Haiti with the message “What’s out of sight is not out of mind.” During my four years in Student Government, I have worked with the other officials in creating a fun, yet respectful week for the students and staff.  This year I am committed to continuing this successful week at a high level and creating new traditions that the next classes can continue and carry out for years to come. 

As student body president I am open to new ideas and helping NDA and the community in any way possible. Student Government is continuing to grow in responsibilities and obligations and we as leaders are expected to grow with it. A leader means listening to his peers and making the right calls for not only himself but for the entire NDA community. As your Student Body president, I am devoted to doing just that. I am dedicated to growing in my leadership skills and working towards making Notre Dame improve. I am extremely proud of the members of Student Government and the progress we have made so far. We are far from complete, but I can say boastfully that the state of our student government is good.