New Athletic Director Wants to Continue the Success of NDA Sports Programs

New Athletic Director Wants to Continue the Success of NDA Sports Programs

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Matthew Koenig, Notre Dame’s new athletic director, is looking forward to an organized and efficient first year.

 On July 14 Koenig arrived in Green Bay from Cincinnati, Ohio. The following day his job at NDA began.

“I wish I had a little more time to prepare for the school year. To be honest, I am not where I want to be personally with the job, so I am trying to be patient and get through each day,” said Koenig.

“There is a lot that goes into being an athletic director,” he added. 

After graduation from Xavier University with a degree in Sports Management, he wanted to be an equipment manager for a professional team. However, he landed an internship as an athletic director. This wasn’t the job he had intended doing, but the opportunity was right in front of him, and he has loved the job ever since. 

“To have the opportunity to make an impact on kids’ lives is what gets me excited to come into work. When former students come back to me and thank me for everything I did for them during their four years, that is my drive and my passion behind being an athletic director,” said Koeing.

Koeing’s overall goal for this year is to get to know students, the coaches, NDA staff, NDA community and the NDA traditions.

Coming from Ohio, the regulations at NDA are different, and this has been the most challenging part of his job so far.

“We as a community have the students, the staff, the coaches and the families to be really successful, so I want to be able to continue with those successes,” he said.

Koening wants the athletic experience at NDA to be as enjoyable as possible, not only for the students but also for the parents. He does this by answering questions and offering up suggestions when necessary. 

“Through athletics, this is one way to prepare the student-athlete for that life experience. So my mind is always working to make the experience and the programs better,” said Koenig.

Koenig tells incoming students to take every opportunity possible because in a blink of an eye their high school career will be over.

Koenig joins Notre Dame Academy with 14 years of experience leading athletic programs, most recently serving as athletic director at St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Senior High School in St. Bernard, Ohio, where he oversaw a staff of over 40 coaches and was nominated for the 2019 Sports Award/USA Today Network “Athletic Director of the Year.”

Koenig’s sister lives in Green Bay and works for the Packers.  His family–wife and four children–will be relocating here soon.