Andrew Pekarek: NDA’s New Communications & Marketing Specialist


Ellen Meeuwsen, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Andrew Pekarek, Notre Dame Academy’s new communications and marketing specialist, was brought up on the four F’s–“faith, family, farm and football.” 

Pekarek said he got his “first job the day he was born” because he grew up on a farm in Kewaunee County. 

Farming requires a lot of early morning wakeups and Pekarek recalled that he “hated snow days because I could not get out of chores in order to make the bus.”  

When Pekarek was 10 or 11, he realized he wanted to become a journalist because it would allow him to get out of the farm life of Kewaunee County and travel to many locations across Northeast Wisconsin, all while following something he loved: sports.  

From a young age, Pekarek was fascinated by sports journalists. Every time he would pick up a paper to read he would “wonder how people did that for a living.” 

He found out. 

Pekarek attended the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where he majored in journalism and electronic media. 

One of his most notable jobs was when he was a sports reporter for the Green Bay Press Gazette. Ironically, he now works at a school he often visited for sports coverage.

For the past two years he has been the marketing specialist at UnitedOne Credit Union.

Many skills need to be bundled together to make someone a cream-of-the-crop journalist, said Pekarek, and those are the combined skills of writing, videotaping and audio recording. 

Pekarek will use those combined skills as NDA’s new communications and marketing specialist. He explained that communications and marketing are becoming the same thing. 

Communications is telling a story through any platform while marketing is influencing and tailoring messages to how an audience will receive it. 

Even though billboards are still relevant, said Pekarek, they only cater information to the people who happen to drive past them. At this day and age more and more marketing is being done through social media because that is where society spends so much of its time. 

Pekarek hopes to use his combined skills to reach all of the NDA community in the most efficient and effective way possible.