Student Government Finalizing Plans for Fall Fest Week

Gioia Cumicek , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Student Government is working on three main events coming up in the Notre Dame Academy community.

They have been meeting and talking about the freshman elections, TGB and Fall Fest. 

“Being involved with the Student and Curriculum Life committee of the School Board, I always factor in how each thing we plan will affect my peers. That’s especially the case for Fall Fest week and how NDA students will react to the fun events,” said senior Mattea Vecera.

Freshman elections will take place on Thursday, October 3. Student Government is accepting applications now. 

The presidential nominees must send in a form showing their interest in the position. To “endorse” their nomination for class president the students must obtain signatures from ten teachers and 25 students. 

The nominees will prepare and give a speech in front of the freshman class. Later that day the class will vote and the results will be announced by seventh or eighth hour of the same day. 

New this year the president will be elected on Thursday and will be thrown into a meeting on Friday where the expected requirements for the newly named president will be laid out. 

“As student body president, I have to make sure that the president for each class is committed and ready to accept the responsibilities of being a leader in their class,” said senior Max Timmer.

Following elections, The Great Battle (TGB) will take place on Friday, October 4. 

Volunteers have been collaborating and working very hard to make this TGB memorable. The activities have been sent out in a video and the sign-up will be sent out soon. 

Planning for TGB along with Fall Festt week has been in the works since the beginning of the year. 

“We have been working on how to incorporate ideas that have worked  in the past but also introducing new and innovative ideas,” said Timmer.

Fall Fest week is a special week full of activities and theme-dress days. The week originated 24 years ago as a replacement for homecoming.

Student Government organizes these activities in order to create a fun-filled week before the dance the following Saturday. Members and volunteers spend around a month and a half planning for this week.

Past activities have included a mash potato bar, chili day, powderpuff, special dress days and a service project.

The Fall Fest dance will occur on Saturday, October 12, following the exciting week.