Freshmen Enjoying High School Despite Embarrassing Moments


Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

It’s a new year and new faces have been wandering the halls. It has been seven weeks since the first day of school, and freshmen have been getting into the Notre Dame Academy routine. 

Among the Class of ‘23 are students who were asked specific questions about how they are enjoying Notre Dame Academy and the overall experience of school so far. 

 One of the students was Isaac Nowak. Nowak’s best moment so far in the school year is running Cross Country.

Nowak’s most difficult experience is “studying, like you actually have to study to get an A. It’s different, but it’s really not that hard. I mean, I’ve studied before but just not a whole lot. Thirty minutes was probably the most.”

Nowak’s embarrassing moment was “on Tuesday of this week, it was a tie dye day, and I didn’t have any, so my mom decided that she was going to make one for me that morning. And she did, but I smelled like vinegar for the first three periods. It was really embarrassing.” 

Nowak also believes that high school and Notre Dame Academy is better than his middle school and feels like he fits in. 

“I fit in in general, but I’m not like one of the popular kids,” said Nowak.

Another student that was interviewed was Jack Berndt. Berndt’s best moment was being able to find all of his classes and continue to do well in them throughout the year, not to mention being able to balance sports and school. 

Although balancing sports for Berndt is something to be proud of, he cannot deny the difficulty of doing so. He has also lucked out in not having any embarrassing moments to share. 

On the other hand, Sabra Demarco was not so lucky to experience an embarrassing-free moment.

“The first full week of high school I couldn’t find my classes, and I got lost in the priory twice on the same day down two different stairwells I thought were the same, but they weren’t and I was late to almost every class,” said Demarco. 

 Julian Greendeer had a similar experience of not being able to find classes. 

“I walked into the wrong classes in the beginning of the year, and then when we had a lab I walked in on a bunch of seniors,” said the lacrosse player.

From all the freshmen that were interviewed, Joseph C Sule II, Cael Broekman, Gianna Farone, Hannah Beals, Tate Milton, Julian Greendeer, Sabra Demarco, Jack Brendt, and Isaac Nowak, they all had two things in common. 

The first, they all loved the afternoon rather than the morning. The second, they mostly felt like they fit in and were comfortable and happy being at Notre Dame Academy. 

“I think Notre Dame really has respectful children compared to other schools, like we really don’t talk back to the teachers, and we listen when we are told to do something, and we’re all really nice to each other,” said Demarco.  

Seeing these freshmen express their thoughts about Notre Dame, and only hearing positive things about the school, gives all of us a chance, students and staff, to really appreciate and see the blessing that is attending Notre Dame Academy.