Grandparents Day Will Be Different This Year

Grandparents Day Will  Be Different This Year

Owen Brummel, Staff Writer, Journalism I

This year at Notre Dame, the 10th annual Grandparents Day is going to have a few changes, including a shorter school day and a designated reception before mass. 

Geno McKenna, the director of events and alumni at Notre Dame Academy, organizes  fundraising events and works with alumni in communications. Mr. McKenna is organizing the 10th annual Grandparents Day this year. It will take place on Wednesday, November 27, which is the day before all of the students get out of school for Thanksgiving break.

“Grandparents Day isn’t a fundraiser. It’s a feel-good event where we invite all grandparents and grand-friends, so if someone doesn’t have a grandparent, they can go with someone else who is special to them,” McKenna explained.

The event is getting bigger and bigger each year with about 400 grandparents and 500 students attending. 

“This biggest change this year is that we will have a coffee reception with the students and grandparents/grand-friends that will last from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and then go into the Triton Center for mass at 11 a.m. Mass will end at 12:15, and students will be let out of school after mass with their grandparent or grand-friend,” McKenna said. 

This year, Mr. McKenna is also in charge of Tritonfest, the school’s biggest fundraiser, as well as the President’s Dinner, the Golf Outing and Senior Send-off.