Study Tables Available After School with Teachers, NHS Tutors Helping Out

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“It started off really slow, but since the first quarter ended and everyone one had finally gotten some kind of grades, more students started to come,” said Amy Stover, one of the study table teachers. 

As the time gets closer to the end of the first semester, students of all grades are eager to start remembering past lessons and notes from various classes. The stress is in the air and more students are in need of help. 

The study tables started only as a final exam tutoring session on the weekends before finals, but last year teachers noticed that more students needed the help sooner rather than later.

There was an increase of D’s and F’s, so the teachers, Stover, Principal Patrick Browne and Student Services  decided to start the mini-program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

 “A lot of teachers supported this and gathered together to go to the administration to say we needed this here,” recalled Stover. 

On Tuesdays, Mrs. Stover and Mrs.Danielle Bennett are the teachers there to help. On Wednesdays, it is Mr. Dan Winkler and Mrs.Jill Gerl’s turn. On Thursdays, Ms.Hailey Frederick and Mr. Cassidy McGowan take over. 

Two National Honor Society students are scheduled to be there to help as well. The typical number of students who attend a night is around eight to ten kids. Mrs. Sadie LaJoe’s room in the main hallway is the site for study tables.

“Some of the students would not do their homework if they were not there, for their own multiple personal reasons. Some are learning new study skills, and for some they need their homework to be read out loud for them.  In class that could not really be as easily provided for them,” explained Stover.

In addition, many  students either have jobs or other home chores they have to attend to on a daily basis–all of which may not give them enough time to start or even finish their homework assignments. 

“It has been fairly effective. I hope that this continues in the foreseeable future,” said Stover.