NDA Students Attend March for Life Rally in D. C.


Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year another group of NDA students, chaperoned by Frater Charles Burris, attended the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. to give a voice to the unborn.

They left Tuesday night last week after a Diocesan-wide Mass to pray for the respect and support for the “dignity of all life, especially the unborn” and to prepare for the journey ahead of them.

We march to show our support of all life from conception to natural death,” said Frater Charles.

“We do not expect, though we hope and pray, our attendance and marching will result in a change of hearts and minds over the dignity of life.  We hope that people will see how we love and support the dignity of all people.”

Students stayed at the 4H Convention Center in Chevy Chase outside of the capital. The first and last nights were spent traveling on a bus.

Besides attending the march, they also got to hear from President Trump, dubbed by the media as “the most Pro-Life president,” deliver a speech about the dignity of life.

Junior Magdalena Helfenberger wanted to go because she “had the perfect opportunity to stand up for what I believe in by physically marching to help end abortion and bring awareness to everyone that all life is sacred and should be protected.”

“I also wanted to go on the march for the experience since I have never been–and to give the aborted/unborn babies a voice they never had,” she said.

“My favorite part about the March for Life was seeing the many generations of about 100,000 people with the same beliefs, uniting to march for all of the unborn babies,” said the junior. 

“My friends and I also had the opportunity to meet other high school students while waiting for the march to start, and they shared with us why they attended and what it meant to them, making me realize that if we all work together we can bring an end to abortion.”