Juliah Linzmeier Selected for Reed College Fly-in Program


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy junior Juliah Linzmeier recently learned she had been accepted into the Reed College Fly-in Program. 

Reed College is in Portland, Oregon, and is where Steve Jobs attended before dropping out and starting Apple.

Linzmeier said, “I’m interested in Reed because it is a small liberal arts school based in Portland. I have wanted to go into history since 3rd grade so I know that a school like Reed with a celebrated liberal arts background will help me get a great education.” 

Linzmeier found this program through Ms. Becky Bain, the college and career counselor at NDA. 

Bain said, “For years I’ve wanted a student to be accepted to one of Reed’s Fly-in programs.” 

Linzmeier has always had Oregon on her list as a place to live or travel to.  “It is a great place for me to possibly go to college.”

The program is to help give potential students a look at what their classes are like and what their school has to offer. 

“It is valuable because it shows you what to expect in college and helps you realize if your intended major is the right choice,” said Linzmeier. 

She expressed her excitement for this program and explained how she applied over Christmas “on a whim.”

“It brings a sense of accomplishment and gives me hope for applying to colleges in the fall because it will be my senior year,” she said. “Hopefully, this opportunity can help me with the admissions process no matter where I apply.”

Linzmeier’s friends and fellow IB diploma candidates have inspired her through her journey.

“They really push me through each day and always make me laugh no matter how much work I have or how stressed I am,” she said. 

In ten years Linzmeier sees herself working as a historian or as a curator in a museum in Oregon, Tennessee or Maine. 

She offered some advice to readers, “Chase after what you want to do. So many people have told me throughout the years that I won’t be successful, especially with a history degree, but I just keep going. Everything you’ll do in life affects you first so do what you want and pursue the things that make you the happiest. You will never regret doing things that give you joy.” 

As a “Fly-in,” Linzmeier will have an expense-paid trip to the college, an overnight stay on the campus with visits to classes that appeal to her.