New President Enjoys Meeting Tritons, Looks Forward to Extracurriculars


Joseph Bonadonna, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The 2020-21 school year is under way and there’s a lot that’s new around Notre Dame Academy, including a new president: Dr. Tom Kiely.

Kiely, who hails from Long Island, New York, was working as a consultant for the National Catholic Educational Association at the time of his hire back in March.

“Through the interview process I connected very well with the many people I met, and thought that I could be helpful in the role of president,” Kiely stated.

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has provided obstacles for many school administrators across the country, making the beginning of this new chapter at NDA very unorthodox, and adaptation the name of the game. 

“The process of beginning my service became very one-dimensional regarding the opening of school.  Thankfully, Mr. Browne, Mr. Masarik, Mrs. Dunlap, the staff and faculty, and the Board of Education have been helpful in getting me oriented to NDA,” Kiely said.

The biggest obstacle to Kiely has been getting to know people, saying “Zoom can only take you so far.”

Kiely expressed that in addition to meeting the people of NDA, he is also looking forward to seeing the extracurricular activities offered.

“Service, the arts and athletics,” Kiely stated. “I think the ability that these three areas have to draw people together and allow them to learn and succeed in areas not necessarily covered in classrooms is crucial to an NDA educational experience.”

Outside of his role as president at NDA, he appreciates providing a good meal, having professional experience in culinary arts.

“(I) really enjoy doing it for friends and family,” Kiely said of his cooking skills.

Growing up in New York, he has been a fan of many New York sports teams since childhood, but has a soft spot for Wisconsin sports as well.

Kiely said, “I like the Packers but am still a Jets fan from childhood.  I was sad when the Bucks lost the other evening, and cling to hopes for the Brewers and the Mets.  Another fidelity since childhood.”

Kiely shared more about what he hopes to bring to NDA as president: ”To guide NDA into the next chapter of its history from a financial, strategic and future-focused perspective.”