Student Government Making Plans for Fall Fest and TGB


Elaine Chosa, Staff Writer, Journalism I

NDA’s annual Fall Fest and The Great Battle are still happening this year, but will be adapted to the current environment through Student Government’s planning. 

Unable to meet face-to-face due to COVID-19, Student Government has been meeting over Zoom to plan the usual events many students look forward to in the fall months.

Normally TGB is an event in which the student body gathers in the auditorium to watch the pre-filmed opening video and group games, but this year the activities will be open to students of all grades virtually. 

 “We are going to try and make 2020 memorable even in the midst of a pandemic,” said Junior Class President Anna Gruesen. 

Fall Fest is another anticipated first semester event that includes week of dress-up days, a charity cause, and a dance, but again, this year things will look differently and a wide variety of plans are underway. 

“Although we have to be physically distanced, being six feet apart, we do not want to be socially distanced. We still want to find ways to be socially engaged with each other,” said Mermaid Claire Noble. 

Other first-semester staples include sports games and Freshman Class elections, but these too have had to be adapted.

Throughout the years, Fanman and Mermaid have directly led the students in cheers, themes for sports games, weekly raps, pep rallies, and more, but 2020 has brought other plans as many teams are either moved to spring or have restricted fan access. 

While many students are disappointed, safety of the NDA community is top priority and there is still hope for the coming semester. 

Fanman Jack Christensen pledged, “Trust me when I say that when we are able to do stuff again I will be going 110 percent to make up for what time we lost this fall.” 

There is not currently a timetable for Freshman Class elections, but the event will still be taking place.