Athletic Camps, Freshman Orientation Scheduled for Summer Break

Maxwell Baek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The school year may be ending, but that doesn’t mean activities stop at NDA. Several athletic camps and Freshmen Orientation will be occurring over the summer months. 

Another Tritonian article gives details about two fine art camps also scheduled for the summer break.

Matthew Koneig, athletic director, has been planning out the athletic camps with NDA coaches. Camps are scheduled for boys basketball, girls basketball, football, soccer, tennis, baseball, softball and volleyball. 

All the dates can be found at

The coaches, according to Koenig, are “very excited to bring these camps back after missing a year.”

The camps will be a great way to promote NDA programs while giving the athletes a valuable experience. 

The focus for every athletic camp is to help participants improve their athletic skills and grow in their sport or sports of choice. 

“Our focus is to help improve the skills of these athletes and for some possibly learn a new sport. Each camp will be different in their own way. Each coach wants to make them fun,” explained the athletic director.

Freshman Orientation is another major part of the NDA summer plans. 

Assistant Director for Admissions, Ms. Molly VandenHouten,  and Ms. Ciera Gerl from Student Services will coordinate the orientation scheduled for Monday, August 23. 

“All new students will have the opportunity to get to know their classmates, schedule and their teachers. Ms. Gerl and I are still working on planning orientation and the activities have not been announced yet. All new students will also have the opportunity to get to know upperclassmen and understand what it is like to be a Triton every day,”said VandenHouten.

Members of the newly-minted Triton Transition Troupe, known as T3, will assist with orientation.