Matt Schultz and Son Receive National Scouting Awards


Cami Pakkala, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Scouts and troop leaders from Troop 12 received national scouting awards October 18 at the Lambeau Field Atrium for their heroic actions during the June 27 Amtrak train crash.

Troop leader Matthew Schultz not only received an award but also spoke at the fundraiser.

“Train them, trust them, and let them lead,” said Shultz in describing the core values learned at scout camp before the derailment and then praising the boys’ enactment of those values during the tragedy.

After the train crash in Missouri, the scouts’ response in helping those injured became national news.  The train derailed after hitting a dump truck, and four people, including the truck driver, died.

The Golden Eagle Event at Lambeau is a fundraiser for the scouting program.  The 500 people in attendance heard the Packers’ Aaron Jones speak and applauded the national recognition of the scouts and their troop leaders. 

Fifteen scouts received the Heroism Award while six adults received the Honor Medal.  Schultz’s son Elijah was one of the recipients.

“It was a pretty special thing,” Shultz told the journalism class. 

The Packers also hosted the award winners at the Packers/Jets game on Oct. 16.