Triton Talk #KnowYourTritons

If you could pick a dress-up theme for football games, what would it be and why?

Stu Kwaterski, senior: “Under the sea because we’re Tritons.”
Kevin Robinson and Mackenzi Diestler, seniors: “Onesie pajamas because they’re cute and comfy.”
Greg Davis, senior: “Red neck out. I’d be all set.”
Nick Durkin, senior: “Morph suit out because everyone would look funny.”
Anthony Vecera and Isaac Seering, seniors: “Turtleneck and chains because it’s cool and guys with swag we think turtlenecks and thin chains at all times.”
Bethany McCole, junior: “USA because I’m from America.”
Ellie Schibly, junior: “Tie-dye because it’s fun to tie-dye.”
Madame Geyer, faculty: “Hat out, Packer out, Fur out, Footie pajamas out, Crazy hair out.”
Collin Goodleston, senior: “Halloween costumes because I’ve never seen it done before.”
Mrs. VanDeHey, faculty: “Formal throwback…like prom dresses.”
Jack Peterman, junior: “Hick theme because it’s fun to see everyone in orange.”
Gus Dennis, junior: “Doctor theme because we usually do that against Bay Port.”
Jake Ganther, junior: ”Some type of Greek theme because that’s what a Triton is.”
Steven Strutt, sophomore: “Flannel because it just would be cool.”
Sam Leonhard, sophomore: “Tie-dye because it just would be cool.”
Matt Vandenhouten, junior: “Hawaiian theme. We haven’t done that yet.”
Mark Rowe, junior: “Blue out, because we haven’t done that ever since I’ve been here.”
Carter Jacobson, junior: “Halloween theme. It’s never been done before and it’d be awesome to see all the costumes!”
Austin Nordeen, junior: “Blue and white out. It would be simple but interesting.”
Jeff Vogelsang, sophomore: “Toga out! Who doesn’t like a toga party?”
Cade Van Den Heuvel, sophomore: “Mask out. It would be fun to wear masks throughout the game.”
Andrew Devroy, sophomore: “Black out…to represent all those who died on 9/11.”
Sean Harrison, junior: “Towel theme–Triton-theme towels.”
Mr. Pryor, substitute teacher: “Hawaiian…they’re pretty in.”
Emma Clark, senior: “Disney Princess. Imagine guys in dresses.”
Zach Simonet, senior: “Camo night…ghillie suits..ghillie suits everywhere.”
Colin Neuman, junior: “Danny Jadin theme. We could all shave off an eyebrow.”
Mr. Dietzo, faculty: “Pilgrim Theme during the play offs.”
Sam Wagner, sophomore: “80’s theme.”
Bert Bengtson, senior: “Space Jam theme.”
Omar Zaragoza, junior: “Mexican theme.”
Jakob Janquart, senior: “Jersey theme.”
Brendan O’Neil, freshman: “Neon because it would be bright.”
Danny Stewart, freshman: “Pencils because they’re cool and sharp.”
Nathan Ihlenfeldt, freshman: “Cats because I like them.”
Jackson Martin, freshman: “Kalkai because I like the dress code.”
Devin Cribben, freshman: ” Hawaiian because then I could do the Hula”
Colin Clark, freshman: “Duck tape cause it’s awesome.”
Jason Revolinsky, freshman: “Yoga theme cause I feel flexible and I’m doing a yoga class.”
Madison Remington, freshman: “Techno, because I love it.”
Cassie Baeton, freshman: “Pop because its fun and energetic.”
Matt Krzewenski, freshman: “Hip hop because it’s cool.”
Alex Steber, freshman: “Mick Jagger because he’s a cool guy.”
Noah Duncan, freshman: “Cross Country because I like to run.”
Sam Hermes, senior: “Redneck because I can dress up easiest for it.”
Jake Sproat, senior: “Super Hero because no one has done it before.”
Joe Hardy, senior: “Red, White, Blue because it’s patriotic.”
Luke Vandenboomen, senior: “Bag-out where everyone would wear black garbage bags because it be funny.”
Brogan Tremel, senior: “Camo because it’s cool.”
Sra. Stover, faculty: “Neon because not many school do it.”
Katie Gapinski, freshman: “Disney Princess because they’re cool.”
Ben Durkin, sophomore: “Construction because we’re cool people.”
Jake Ganther, junior: “Geek cause it’d be funny.”
Ben Ricker, freshman: “Socks and sandals- It’d be hilarious.”
Andrew Helfenberger, junior: “Red Bull because it gives you wings.”
John Lehman, junior: “White out because white outs are awesome.”
Joe Tressler, junior: “Prison because it’s random.”
Jake Hardy, freshman: “Monk robes because who doesn’t love ‘em?”
Jordan Kieltyka, junior: “Toga because you gotta go Greek.”
Jenna Wozney, freshman: “Plaid out because it would be fun and we all would look ridiculous.”
Emily Smits, freshman: “I think neon would be really fun because it makes people happy!”
Jack Drake, freshman: “What you want to be when you grow up” theme because why not?”
Ella Hunt, freshman: “Christmas themed!!! Because Christmas is magical and it makes everyone happy!”
Brooke Kerscher, freshman:” Neon because it’s cool or some type of holiday like Christmas! Cause who doesn’t like Christmas?”
Heather Ruby, freshman: “80s because I like it and I think it would be really fun to dress in terrible 80s fashion!”
Chelsea Chrudimsky, freshman:” I think neon would be fun because it’s cool.”
Nate Ihlenfeldt, freshman: “Halloween theme because dressing in costumes would be awesome!”
Mike DeLeers, freshman: “We could do a Halloween theme, because I could dress up as anything and it wouldn’t be a strict theme.”
Alexandra Socha, freshman: “Hm…I would do a mismatch theme because I think it would be fun!”
Johnny Santaga, freshman:” Either plaid out or stripe out or neon because those are fun.”
Christin Roskos, freshman: “Neon, because wouldn’t it look cool if the student section was decked out in full neon?”
Kelly Hogan, freshman: “Like an ugly Christmas sweater! Or neon, 80s, or rainbow or American themed. Or Olive Garden themed, where we would tape salad and breadsticks to our bodies!”
Isabel Canadeo, freshman: “Plaid, neon, prep. Probably because I think it would be fun and it would look cool.”
Jon Lemens, freshman: “I would choose paintbomb where everyone had colorful paint splashed on them and we would do it that day and we would do it because it’s unique and different.”
Kristin Griesbacher, freshman: “Western, just because I think it’s just fun!”
Madalyn Foscato, freshman: 80s! “It’s always fun dressing up for that!”
Whitney Walczyk, freshman: “Under the sea, because I like the beach.”
Patrick Darling, freshman: “Probably superhero because it would be funny.”
Alex Wailkoff, freshman: “Ginger theme, everyone would have red hair, because I like gingers.”
Maddie Kaye, freshman: “Prom theme, everyone would have to dress up in fancy clothes to show we’re cool.”
Izzy VanDenMeerendonk, freshman: “Animal theme because we would look like a zoo.”
Stefi Walczyk, freshman: “Cartoon theme because it would be awesome.”
Kelly Lamas, freshman: “Llamas because it goes with my last name”.
Cami Wendricks, freshman: “Disco because you could have a lot of fun with it.”
Jon Sollberger, freshman: “Trenches because trenches are cool.”
Maria Haske, freshman: “Favorite Saint theme because it would show that we are the only Catholic high school in the area.”
Kira Gunville, freshman: “Food theme because there are food costumes.”
Ellie Sylvester, freshman: “Pink out because it would be really fun.”

Maggie Shelley, freshman: “Football theme.  It’s so obvious it’s funny!”

Mrs. Huntley, faculty: “Zebra themed because I like zebras!”

Sylvia Griffitt, freshman: “Russian theme because Russians are awesome! “
Jordyn Zehms, freshman: “Pink out for Braest cancer.”
Cassie Klim, freshman: “Neon because it looks cool.”
Paige Vaughn, freshman: “Western because I want to dress up like a cow girl.”
Marissa Ziefle, freshman: “Neon because of the bright colors.”
Megan Schumer, freshman: “Geek out because it’s funny.”
Callie Adamczak, freshman: “Prep because everyone loves it.”
Katie Gapinski, freshman: “Disney because who doesn’t love Disney?”