Triton Talk #KnowYourTritons

What is your personal theme song? Why?

What is your personal theme song? Why?


Mr. Vickman, faculty: “‘Heart of a Champion’… do I need to explain why? Or ‘Bye Bye Bye’ for obvious reasons.”


Sam Liegel, junior: “‘Sexy Back’ by Justin Timberlake because it’s self-explanatory.”


Maddie Brusda, sophomore: “‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ for no reason.”


Austin Watzka, senior: “‘Baby Got Back’.”


Ali Lemkuil, senior: “‘My Wish’ by Rascal Flatts because it’s my jam.”


Jake Vaughn, junior: “‘Numbers by Logic’ because it helps me count numbers.”


Abby Stewart, junior: “‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ by JoAnne Zip.”


Jamie Gibson, junior: “‘Bleeding Love’ because I’m learning how to play the piano.”


Bethany McCole, junior: “‘Wild One’ because I’m a wild child.”


Emily Vandenhouten, junior: “‘Love Sosa’ because Chief Keef is my boy.”


Danny Stewart, freshman: “‘Gangman Style’ because it describes my culture.”


Seth Reed, senior: “‘Beez in the Trap’ by Nicki Minaj because I’m always in the trap.”


Beaux Myers, sophomore: “‘No Sleep’ by Wiz Khalifa because I like to stay up late and listen to music.”


Anthony Lent, senior: “‘No Church In The Wild’ By Kanye West because it has a really catchy beat.”


Alex Wendrick, senior: “‘Aw Naw’ By Chris Young because it has a good beat.”


Tony Stillwell, junior: “‘Settlin’ because never settle for anything less than your standards. Raise the bar high.”


Brehme Quidzinski, sophomore: “‘Walk’ by The Foo Fighters because it reminds me that in the end there’s something worth waiting for.”


Joe Hardy, senior: “‘Oh Fred Bear’ by Ted Nugent because it’s about hunting.”


Kieran Degroot, senior: “The ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ theme song because I pulled up in a cab.”


Mr. Havlichek, faculty: “‘Life Is A Carnival’ by The Band because at times my life has literally been a carnival.”


Jake Ganther, junior: “‘Shepherd of Fire’ by Avenge Sevenfold because it sounds kickin.”


Jake Petermann, junior: “‘Point at You’ by Justin Moore because it’s who I am and what I do.”


Jeffrey Vogelsang, sophomore: “‘Walk on By’ is just a great song.”


Will Leggett, sophomore: “‘Mercy’ because I plan on making a lot of money.”


Mike Trigueros, sophomore: “‘Sorry for Party Rockin,’ because we don’t stop.”


Steven Strutt, sophomore: “‘What Country Is.’ I love country.”


Ben Janquart, junior: “‘’Till I Collapse’, it never fails to get me pumped.”


Aaron Sincoular, senior: “‘Your Love’ by The Outfield. It makes me want to drive very fast.”


Jake Ganther, junior: “‘Shepherd of Fire’ is just a really good song.”


Jake Brandt, sophomore: “‘Mercy’ because Will Leggett has it and he’s my hero.”


Cole Peeters, junior: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem because it’s all I could think of.


Trent Ness, senior: “Unicorn Wizard” by NSP because I always wish I was more awesome than I already am.


Al Therrien, senior: “Slippin” by DMX because the words in it literally describe my life.


Anton Brix, senior: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey because I don’t stop believing.


Kayla Scoggins, sophomore: “We are the Champions” by Queen because I am a champion.


Hannah Smith, junior: “Blessings” by ‘I don’t know Who’ because it’s all about our blessings in disguise.


Michael Hinkfuss, senior: “Thank You” by MKTO because it tells it how it is.


Mr. Guyette, faculty: “Ten Thousand Words” by the Avett brothers because as a teacher, I talk a lot. Too much in fact. In reality, the older I got the more I realize how little I know.


Adam Rackers, sophomore: “Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band because I like it.

Maria Pable, freshman: “‘My Hairbrush’ by The Veggietales because I always need my hairbrush for my long locks of brown hair.”


Ben Richards, freshman: “‘You Smile’ by Justin Bieber because it really touches the soft spot in my heart.”

Kendall Lisowski, freshman: ‘“Pretty Brown Eyes’ by Cody Simpson because I have brown eyes.”


Emily Gibson, freshman: “‘Bust a Move’ by Young Mc because I can rap the whole thing and it’s such an old school classic, like me.”


Paige Vaughn, freshman: “‘Ice Ice Baby’ cause it’s my jam.”


Michael DeLeers, freshman: ‘“Total Eclipse of the Heart’ because it’s pretty perfect.”


Carter Olles, freshman: “‘Water’ because I love to hang out by the water.”


Colleen Mortell, senior: “‘Wings’ by Little Mix because it’s upbeat and fun.”


Jameson Verdegan, junior: “‘Jump Around’ cause it’s a great song to jam to.”


Kelly Hogan, freshman: “‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley cause it’s really cheesy and stupid and I have a pre-choreographed flash mob dance to it.”


Meg Duyer, freshman: “‘Viva la Vida’ because I listen to it before every game.”


Whitney Walczyk, freshman: “‘Royals’ by Lourde because it is one of my favorite songs.”


Katie Gapinski, freshman: “‘New Shoes.’ It’s my pick-me-up song and it always makes me happy.”


Christin Roskos, freshman: “‘Life’s for the Living’ by Passenger. It reminds me to always live life to the fullest!”


Melissa Wilke, freshman: “Viva la Vida by Coldplay because me and and my friend listen to it a lot.”


Cami Wendricks, freshman: “Home by Phillip Phillips. It always reassures me that everything will be alright!”


Alex Steber, freshman: “‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber because he has the voice of an angel.”


Hanna Lech, freshman: “‘Crazy in love’ by Beyonce because I’m crazy and in love with my school.”


Heather Ruby, freshman: “Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero.’ I think it fits the theme for Fall Fest week. And Enrique is the best.”


Shanelle Steeno, freshman: “‘Born This Wa’y by Lady Gaga because I am not going to change who I am because it is the way I am and no one will change that.”