Triton Talk #KnowYourTritons

What was your favorite Halloween costume and why?

Lizzy Templeton, sophomore: “I liked when Marissa and I went as dominoes because it was creative and not many people had seen it before.”

John Cluckey, senior: “Scooby-Doo because Scooby-Doo is awesome.”

Hannah Smith, junior: “A unicorn because I loved unicorns.”

Kayla Scoggins, sophomore: “Timon from the Lion King because he’s awesome.”

Michael Hinkfuss, senior: “A Spartan because I got to carry around a sword and hit people with it.”

Jordan Manthei, junior: “Wednesday from “The Adams Family” because I really like that show.”

Genesis Huete, senior: “Ninja Turtles with three friends because we got to paint ourselves.”

Daniel Grace, senior: “I liked being a banana because it made me feel special.”

Adam Rakers, sophomore: “A hunter because I like hunting.”

Carter Olles, freshman: “When I was Thomas the Train because I was adorable.”

Lauren LaPointe, freshman: “Probably when I was a hippy because I looked like a weirdo and didn’t care.”

Paige Vaughn, freshman: “Probably when I was a cat because ya know, cats..”

Emily Martin, freshman: “I was Winnie the Pooh because he is cute :).”

Rachel Sladky, freshman: “When I was a kitty cat because they are cute.”

Carly Noble, freshman: “When I was the cast of ‘Mean Girls’ with some girls because we dressed in all pink.”

Stephen Lovell, freshman: “When I was a tiger. Tigers are sick.”

Jack Drake, freshman: “When I was a tiger. Tigers are cool.”

Sam Liegel, junior: “Kimbo Slice, because he’s sick.”

Aaron Sincoular, senior: “I’d go homeless because all I have to do is cut some fingers out of my gloves and wear my everyday clothes.”

Kieran DeGroot, senior: “Superman, because it’s a good excuse to wear tights and a cape.”

Andrew Hamburger, junior: “Minion, because it looks like a blob.”

Drusilla Faikel, freshman: “Totero, because he is super cute.”

Jake Ganther, junior: “Trevor from GTA5, because he is funny.”

Haley Besaw, senior: “A dog, because they’re cute.”

Hannah Zoch, senior: “A cat, because they’re fierce.”

Melaina Rapisarda, junior: “Kate Balison, because she’s a model.”

Joe Hardy, senior: ”A fireman, because I was a hero.”

Mr. Havlichek, faculty: “Edward Scissor Hands, because I’m good with my hands.”

Bella White, junior: “Grim Reaper, because they are really scary.”

Maddie VandenBusch, freshman: “Being Ashley Tisdale from high school musical, because i was with my friends and we went all together and had a blast!”

Angela White, freshman: “I went as a bumble bee when I was three! I had a little stinger and everything! It was so cute because I was so fat when I was little.”

Ally Groher, freshman: “The year I went as Winnie the Pooh because it was the only costume I didn’t freeze to death in!!”

Ben Richards, freshman: “When Charles Burnham Urick created the look and image in himself of Billie Jo Armstrong.”

Maddy Moureau, freshman: “My high school musical cheerleader outfit cause I still rock it.”

Isabel Canadeo, freshman: “Probably when I was a hippie only because I was wearing heeled boots and I fell and my knees were bleeding the whole night!

Kendall Lisowski, freshman: “Probably when I was inflatable grapes because that’s the only one I can remember!”

Maria Pable, freshman: “My monkey one because my mother hand made it haha.”

Katelyn Morgan, freshman: “When I was a Teletubby because it was adorable!”

Jadon Motquin, freshman: “My dinosaur costume when I was little because dinosaurs are sick.”

Cassie Klim, freshman: “One year I went as Beauty and my dad was the Beast to his office.”

Maggie Shelley, freshman: “When I dressed up as bugs Bunny for Halloween.”

Maddie Kaye, freshman: “When I went as a Pegasus because I was super FLY!”

Izzy Vandenmeerendonk, freshman: “When I went as a pumpkin when I was little because I was so cute!”

Callie Adamczak, freshman:  “When I was a nerd because I just put on my school uniform and walked around and got candy from strangers.”

Denalyn Urcavich, freshman: “When I was Elmo because he was funny.”

Katie Gapinski, freshman: “When I was a zombie bride one year. It was one of my scarier costumes.”

Marissa Ziefle, freshman: “One year I was grapes, because it was the greatest costume ever.”

Alex Steber, freshman: “Scooby Doo costume.”

Jenna Wozney, freshman: “When I was two I went as Tinker Bell and it was adorable because 2 of my brothers went as Captain Hook and Peter Pan.”

MariJo Lesatz, freshman: “When I was younger, my mom dressed me as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and because I rocked it!”

Bennett Christensen, freshman: “When I was 3 I dressed as a Packer player with my brother.”

Barrett Desotell, freshman: “An old grandma because I got to wear a grandma wig and makeup.”