Triton Talk #KnowYourTritons

What is your favorite Christmas Memory and why?

Sam Conard, freshman: “The cookies because they taste delicious.”


Callie Adamczak, freshman: “Playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate because its great.”


Will Campion, sophomore: “Being with friends and family because it’s great.”


Haley Besaw, senior: “Drinking hot chocolate and decorating <3 because its festive.”


Mackenzie Heide, senior: “Singing.”

Mackenzie Timmer, senior: “Looking at lights because they are so beautiful.”


Sara Santaga, senior: “Haley Besaw’s festive earrings because they’re festive.”


Margaret Hogan, senior: “Both of my siblings coming home because it’s fun.”

Rachel Sladky, freshman: “Christmas lights and cookies because they put me in a warm fuzzy mood.”


Charlie Wingart, freshman: “Cutting down a Christmas tree because it’s fun.”


Paige Vaughn, freshman: “The snow and cookies cause the snow is pretty and the cookies are yummy.”


Ben Richards, freshman: “The best part of Christmas is when everybody cares more about what was in Mary’s womb and not Kate Middleton’s or Kim Kardashian’s because Christmas is all about Jesus.”


Will Motquin, freshman: “The best part of Christmas is the news stories you hear on T.V. about the two middle aged women that fight at Wal-Mart for the last video game in stock. It’s not about the toys. It’s about the Lord’s birthday.”


Gerardo Mendoza, freshman: “My favorite part about Christmas is getting presents and returning them for better things and watching football on Christmas.”


Meg Dwyer, freshman: “My favorite part about Christmas is getting to see my family in Chicago because I only get to see them 3 times a year.”


Katrina Oietsche, freshman: “My favorite part about Christmas is doing a talent show with all my little cousins.”


Isabel Canadeo, freshman: “My favorite part about Christmas is getting to see my family. It is the only time of year that we can get all my dad’s family together.”


Kelly Hogan, freshman: “Everyone knows getting presents is the best part of Christmas and anyone who says otherwise is lying.”


Jordan Manthei, junior: “Seeing the look on my family members faces when they open their gifts.”


Jack Petermann, junior: “Sledding with my friends, because I like to feel the wind go through my hair while going down the hill.”


Tyler Lemens, junior: “Seeing family, because I only get to see them once or twice a year.”


Keegan Brick, junior: “Movies, because it gets you into the Christmas season.”


Connor Yakel, junior: “Christmas cookies, because they’re delicious.”


Derek Antonissen, junior: “Eggnog, because it’s so tasty.”

Joe Sutton, junior: “Family, because I get to see them all.”


Jordan Kieltyka, junior: “Snow, because it’s cold.”


Joe Tressler, junior: “Snow, because it’s fun.”


Sean Harrison, junior, “Being with my family, because that’s the only time I get to be with them.”


Anya Carlson, freshman: “My favorite part of Christmas is singing to Christmas songs anywhere and anytime! No one will care. They enjoy it… I think!”


Kendall Lisowski, freshman: “There is so much I love about Christmas that it’s hard to choose just one.”
MariJo Lesatz, freshman: “I love spending time with my family and I love Christmas decorations.”  
Kira Gunville, freshman: “I love seeing the joy on my little sister’s face!”
Quinn Dellise, freshman: “Christmas break because I can just sit back and relax in Florida.”


Heather Ruby, freshman: “My favorite part about Christmas is that we don’t have to go to school.”


Whitney DeMeuse, freshman: “I like the feeling of Christmas the most. Everyone’s happy and it brings a warm, cozy feeling along with it.”
Johnny Santaga, freshman: “I love snowboarding so it’s awesome to finally be able to go.”
Jason Revolinsky, freshman: “The mistletoe, because of the ladies.”
Francesca Helfenberger, freshman: “Christmas is just a time of year that is so joyful and everyone is really nice and friendly because of it.”


Christin Roskos, freshman: “It’s Jesus’ birthday, because duh.”
Jenna Wozney, freshman: “Seeing my family because I don’t get to see them often.”


Claire Sternkopt, freshman:  “Decorating and spending time with my family.”


Gabby Dupont, freshman: “The music and how everyone seems so happy.”

Megan Schumer, freshman: “Decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping presents.”

Eleanor Sladek, freshman: “I love spending time with my family and relatives because it’s relaxing and fun.”


Ireland Sweeney, freshman: “I love getting to listen to all the Christmas music and watching 25 Days of Christmas on ABC family, because I can only do it this time of year.”


Noah Huntley, freshman: “I love deciding what gifts to give and wrapping present.”

Jordyn Zehms, freshman: “because there are presents.”


Alissa De Wild, freshman: “Being able to spend time with family and celebrating Jesus’ birthday.”


Hannah Scolare, freshman: “The time with family and friends because it’s different each year.”


Whitney Walczyk, freshman: “Wrapping presents because I really like wrapping presents.”


Ben Ricker, freshman: “Christmas cookies!”


Sinead Van Dreese, freshman: “Listening to Christmas music while putting up decorations because it puts me in a good mood.”


Ryan Mittlestadt, freshman: “Getting presents, obviously! Also seeing my parents’ faces when I open them.”


Sam Fonder, freshman: “Trick or Treating!”


Hope Gourley, freshman: “Christmas music, trees, food and spending time with family!”


Megan Harrison, freshman: “The break from school because I get to spend time with my family and Maggie Shelley.”


Alex Wasilkoff, freshman: “I love the music because it just puts me in a jolly mood!”


Sylvia Griffttt, freshman: “Snow because it’s fluffy.”
Emma Panure, freshman: “Snow and presents because it makes me happy.”


Katie Gapinski, freshman: “When all my family come homes”


Cameron Cichocki, freshman: “Presents because who doesn’t love presents?!”

Cali Gurnicki, freshman: “Inspiration, I love wearing new Christmas p.j’s on Christmas Eve”

Teah Brice, freshman: “I don’t celebrate Christmas.”
Ben Rose, freshman: “To be with my family and that’s cool.”


Bethany McCole, junior: “Who doesn’t love waking up to boxes of what you want.”


Derek Campbell, junior: “Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.”


Isaac Seering, senior: “Christmas break, because I like to sleep.”


Joe Curtain, senior: “Cutting down the tree. It’s a family thing and fun!”


Nick Pethon, junior: “Spending time with the family and friends.”


Jacob Hilliard, junior: “Presents. I love the excitement of opening presents Christmas morning.”


Sam Leonhard, junior: “Christmas music because it’s very joyful.”


Spencer Ness, junior: “Snow so I can go drifting.”